Masjid Jamek

Masjid Jamek is the craziest area in town ever. Arriving either by Putra LRT or Star LRT, one would be greeted by car fumes and avoid being pushed around by the crowd.

Every Friday at about 430pm, vendors come out and lay their wares on the ground. I wanted to take a picture of what she was selling, but I must have zoomed my camera onto her face instead. Cheap goods like Doraemon things, scarves, stuffed toys, etc can be seen. Food is sold as well.

I can’t stand the place. Horribly polluted that I could feel my pimples surfacing while I wait for the lights to turn red so I can cross the road.
Masjid Jamek is KL’s oldest mosque. Yup yup.

2 thoughts on “Masjid Jamek”

  1. China is crazier. And far dirtier. Where a 300 haze level index for us is unhealthy, for them it is normal.

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