Smirnoff Two New Flavours One Launch Party @ Sanctuary, The Curve Shopping Centre.

It was another mabuk (drunken) party.

Many thanks to Kimberlycun for the invites and Mypartners Communications and Riche Monde for the free bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple. Initially I’ve no idea who will be attending and why I was invited. I was later told that, in Kimfluttersby’s words, “They chose us for our versatile, fun and colourful lives or persona in our blog”. Yes ah?

Mypartners had gathered 4 bloggers, Suanie of, ShaolinTiger of, Kimfluttersby of and I to one Smirnoff vodka tasting session in the ice bar of Sanctuary (Sanctuary is a pub/club). Yes, an ice bar, a bloody freezer made into a bar with minus 15 degrees Celsius. We were there for probably a good 20 minutes. It was freezing cold.

Nevertheless, we were fortunate to be given shots of vodka (in various flavours) and each of us was presented with a bottle of Smirnoff vodka by Ms. Shirley Chan of Riche Monde. People from the media were there as well. Many photos and videos were taken by them.

The new Smirnoff vodka is actually pretty nice. It’s sweet and you can actually drink it neat (without any mixtures)!

ShaolinTiger being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan.

Kimfluttersby being presented with a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla by Shirley Chan

Suanie helping herself.

After the drinking and posing session, we drank some more. My friends and I were given drinks 3 coupons each.

The group

4 person x 3 coupons = 12 glasses of vodka. 12 glasses of vodka/4 + few glasses of vodka with ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Shirley Chan, Kelvin Tan, Kimfluttersby, etc = MABUK MAXIMUM PLUS ONE.

Suania, Kimfluttersby, ShaolinTiger and RedLobster.

I crashed straight to bed with my contact lens intact and in working clothes. I woke up with a hangover and dragged myself to work.
Hours later, my mum called and screamed, “AH BOY!! YOU DON’T GO AND DRINK ANYMORE!!!!”

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17 thoughts on “Smirnoff Two New Flavours One Launch Party @ Sanctuary, The Curve Shopping Centre.”

  1. fucker how come i was not invited? U know i love vodka. BTW, how come u wear a see through shirt? I can see the parking ticket inside your shirt pocket (see second last photo).

  2. LOL!!! Did anyone realise you were a litigation lawyer when you wore the open court shirt to Sanctuary? 😛

  3. fank: if you had been more active in this website, you probably be invited la. as for the shirt, i think its see through cause of the flash.
    cm: why phony ?
    Amos: Dont remember wor.
    Low: hehe luckily its just white shirt, not the wing collared shirt
    Kink&Darren: heh yeah. soon to be retired drunken!

  4. shirt see through bcoz of the flash… hmm. how come i cant see through kimfluttersby’s shirt?? something wrong with the flash? LOL.

  5. nice meeting you man… 🙂 ahhh…abt why we were chosen…that was what xaviera said when she introduced us remember? i seriously had no idea it was like that. u know i really thought that i was among like 20 other bloggers writing the post, really no idea that i’d be among 4 of u popular bloggers. i thought it was a small bottle but it turned out to be the big one. lolz. really unexpected. catch u sometime 🙂

  6. Amos: i didnt say that to your bro!! hehe
    cnigel: No la! thats ghey!!
    fank: U BETTER BE!
    visitor: HAMSAP!!
    karheng: i wasnt ready for it. i tot i was going there just to drink and lepak with other bloggers hehe
    kim: hehe i thought there were many bloggers too! didnt know it was just the 4 of us. hehe. anyway good luck in starceleb!!

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