Melbourne 20

Melody and I had coffee at Greco’s Café, a Greek Café that serves really good coffee and cake. While I was lifting the cup, the handle suddenly detaches from the cup and all my coffee spilled. We complained to one of the staffs and within seconds, he cleaned our table, took Melody’s coffee and few minutes later, 2 new café latte and a huge piece of tiramisu are on our table. It’s as if the whole table has been reset! And the best of all, it’s all free!

Happy 43rd Independence Day Malaysia!

2 thoughts on “Melbourne 20”

  1. I was suppose to meet him that nite itself. and the next morning. Was on the phone with him and hung up one hour before it happened. This is shitty. Bahs, we all love him. No one can be as nice as him. :(Wish you were in KL now then you could attend the prayers too.

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