Good Bye Kagami aka Brian

Exactly 364 days ago, I saw Brian in Mid Valley Shopping Centre with his friends. I waved to him but he never waved back. He was one of my first few online friends. A computer expert, we never run out of things to discuss about. I never met him until years later. It was a coincidence. My friend and I were happily loitering in some petrol station’s groceries store. I bumped into m3ng and next to him was a big sized and hairy Indian boy. m3ng introduced him to me as Kagami (Brian’s IRC nickname). We gave each other a firm handshake and a smile.

365 days ago or exactly one year ago, I was woken by a phone call from MoreCool (Esmund) in the morning. The first thing he said was “woi, Brian is dead!” I was completely shocked, I told (Esmund) that I just saw him yesterday, MoreCool replied with a certainty that Brian is gone, the funeral is tonight, at 7pm, St. Xavier’s Church.

My friends and I planned to go to Genting Highlands a day before Brian’s dead. I decided to go ahead with it since the funeral was at night. I showed no emotion on his death while I was in Genting, probably I still couldn’t believe that he’s dead. As 7pm approaches, I was late for the funeral and I had no time to go home and change. Driving as fast as I could, I arrived in the church wearing a yellow t-shirt. Esmund, within the speed of light, quickly handed my jacket to cover up the t-shirt.

Loads of my friends were there in the funeral and loads of them were crying. I made my way to the room where the coffin is located. As I approach the coffin, Brian, with his face pale and scarred from the accident, lies completely lifeless. It’s not the first time I’ve seen lifeless bodies. Years ago, my classmate died of a motorcycle accident, her face was pale and scarred too. And both of these experiences were not pleasant.

Brian’s death was caused by a car accident. One of his friends was driving at high speed somewhere in Taman Mayang. The car lost control at a bend and the passenger seat (where Brian was sitting) smashed onto a tree. Brian died within minutes.

Brian was cremated 2 days later. Everyone gathered around his coffin before cremation and sang him a song. As soon as the song ends, the staffs started moving the coffin to the cremation room. Brian’s friends and family starting crying loudly and his friends started wailing out his name. I stood emotionless but no doubt I was sad.

Rest in peace, my dear friend Brian, it’s already 1 year since your demise.

Dedicated to Brian Oliver Corray

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