Melbourne Shuffle Basics #2

My 2nd attempt on publishing a Melbourne Shuffle Basics video. This time with 2 views, front view and side view!

You can download it from

Thank you Gavin for hosting the videos. Please feel free to rape Gavin‘s bandwith.

The quality isnt that good. I think the quality deteriorated after I convert it from MOV to mpg1. And dont ask me why I’m wearing short pants. And noooooo I didnt notice that I lifted my feet too high. iv’N said it looked like a male dog trying to piss.

Some ego-boasting comments please? 😀 heheh

18 thoughts on “Melbourne Shuffle Basics #2”

  1. 1. HA-HA-HA-HA !!! BLARDY HELL !!!! Yo sexy-short pant xes … should try wearing thongs next time. It sells.2. Psss … Sir !!! Spotted Neil Armstrong “Moon-sliding” !!!

  2. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!geng wor!!!!!so damn PRO man!! let’s sell it at Petaling St!! it reminds of those… tapes teaching me ABC… ahah

  3. louyau-mike: i dont know why you’re laughing cause this is not a comedy video. hehe ryuu: when ucome back la 9th october, regenerate!! YUMMIE : keng? i smell sarcasm.

  4. WHAT?THAT WAS ALLLLLLLLLLLL?THAT’S THE MELBOURNE SHUFFLE.bugger.i always thought it was like super hard dance move and it does look ridiculously complicatedbut now, hah! that wasn’t tooooooo hard now.add my arms flying around like a dying chicken and wallah. melbourne shuffle.i feel conned before. :Pnice legs, btw ahahhaa thats the egoistic compliment for you from me anywaysnow u love me more.

  5. kim: its called melb shuffle basics, thats why it looks easy hehe Gavin: mahai how many bandwidth used edi?gguni: havent watch yet? and its good? ……

  6. Gavin: mahai u wait.. later sure pao char one Lainie: mmm more shufflers? mmm quality shufflers i hope 😀 Ben: BWAHAHAHAHAHHA

  7. Hahahahhaa.Juz kiddinLooks similar to the one u made previously except this time u wore shoes and short pants. And I think in the begining u attempted to slow moe in real time. That was funny.:D

  8. ei actually i have suggestion / request?since mr gavin tan doesn’t mind the bandwidth usage, rape more rape more! Put up more videos, some full on shuffling – i’m sure i’m not the only one who wants to see 😉

  9. Gavin: mahai u wait..i post more videos hehe gguni: if i didnt say it looekd like dog pissing u wont be laughing la hehe Lainie: ok! ill try to put more videos 😀 LiEw: Bwahahhaha its actually rubbish.. i forgot to sweep the floor.hehe

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