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After waking up to Leong’s MSN messages of “OI, BLOG!”, “blog blog blog” and “blog lahh”..I realize that I should blog about something before I drive Leong up the wall. (i think i already did..)
Today, in one my comm. class, I learned about communication modes between males and females. This research was done by Dr. Peter Anderson from the prestigious USC (Uni. of Southern Calif.) and it’s proven to be almost 90% true.

Lesson 1: Humans.

What do men notice when meeting a woman in a social setting?
answer: What she would look like naked/ and naked in bed.

What do women notice when meeting a man in a social setting?
answer: Does he look like he has a job/ and is it a good job.

Who are more visual : Men or Woman?
– Men look, woman see.
– Men admire, woman inspect.
– Men notice contours and curves, women notice form and structure.
– Men notice women’s eyes and body, women notice men’s eyes, hands, teeth, smile and class.

And here’s the highlight:
Why does a woman look at a man’s hand? (besides the wedding ring finger..)
Answer: To look at his testosterone level.

If the wedding ring finger is longer than the index finger : High level
If the wedding ring finger is the same length as the index finger : Average level (most guys are here)
If the wedding ring finger is shorter than the index finger : Low level

I love communication class.

9 thoughts on “mEn & wOmeN”

  1. funny, i don’t imagine how the girl will look naked. normally i don’t imagine anything, but lately i think i’ve been imagining how the girl will look when she’s dancing. shit.

  2. ryuu: hhahaha it’s okay.. shows that we men are not entirely perverted! kekeand oh my god…iloveu has invaded my comment page too..

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