Last Hardsequence @ Ruums 14.10.2006

RotiFish in the house!

The nightlife industry in KL is one cruel game. It is very common for clubs in KL to close down after few months in operation. And this time round, it’s Ruums turn. It has only been around 4 months since they revamped from Chanel to Ruums. Now they are closing for renovation and a new management will take over. No idea what the new club name will be, maybe Brooms or Vrooms. Heh.

Throughout the past 4 months, the old management has done a good job turning the place around. When the club was still know as Warp, I heard many stories about how people got so turned off when they saw middle aged men and women shaking their heads left and right to hard Chinese house music. Yao ah yao ah, wu chiew fun ah wu chiew fun,

But now, uncle and aunties were not that many. I heard that practised quality control at one point.

Anyway, Sow, Sharon Dilirius and I made a trip to Ruums. It was pretty rare for Sharon to join us but since Hardsequence is having their last night at Ruums, we decided to give them some support.

Mr. Sow

Ms Sow

Jac and Brisbane Sharon were there as well. They came with their cousins.

Sow & Brisbane Sharon

Sow & Jac

The club was packed with hardcore supporters of Hardsequence. The usual faces.

And It was a good night. As Sow put it, β€œQuite a good night huh. We had a table of 3 hot chicks. And the chicks bought drinks!”. Sharon and Jac brought a bottle of whisky to share.

At one point we had a competition on who can put his hands up the longest. Sow won.

We left the place as soon as it closed. The Hardsequence crew thanked everyone for their support and will update everyone on their new venue. will keep you informed of the newest development!

Memoirs of a Geisha

frontcover (8k image)

Aloha everybody! wOwee..I can’t remember the last time I blogged here..hehe, a thousand apologies Leong πŸ˜‰ Anyway, *update! update!* life here in Hawaii is nice and relaxing. Another 49 more days before I go back to Malaysia. Yey πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m currently on my Spring Break and it’s nice to have the entire room, floor and toilet to yourself for a week cuz everybody sudah balik kampung to the mainland (my room mate is in Arizona). Heh. But sadly, the Cafeteria is closed for the week so I’ve been surviving on maggi mee, frozen pizza and maggi mee for the past 8 days..*help* I can’t wait go back to school. I need proper fOod!

Anyway, since I was SO DEAD BORED during the Spring Break, I took my Theatre Professor’s advice and went for the casting call for the lead role for “Memoirs of a Geisha”. Yups, the up-coming Hollywood movie directed by Rob Marshall (the director of Chicago) and produced by Steven Spielberg. Production is scheduled to start in September 2004 in Japan and Hawaii.

Well, I actually went for the first casting 2 weeks ago and they called a few days after to go for a second round. To be honest, when i reached the agency, I had no idea what was going on. I’ve never read the book so i was almost peeing in my pants when they gave me the script to memorize. I mean, I had no clue what the character wants- and lead role somemore! But luckily, they allowed me to bring it back home to memorize the first section of the script. *phew*

When i came back home, the first thing I did was to call my sister up cuz I had a hunch my sister already read the book…and true enough: she did. πŸ™‚ So for the next 1 hour, i kept bombarding her with questions about the book…who in world is Sayuri..what happened to her…why this..why that.. Man, chee: you’re a life saver!! Super Duper thanks! πŸ˜‰

About this show, well, it’s based on the book..and it’s about the story of Nitta Sayuri, sold to a geisha house at the age of 9, the training she goes through to become a geisha, and the life she leads as one. You can check it out on yahoo! movies. Everything you wanna know is listed there. Anyway, so there were 3 roles to be casted, and of all roles the casting agent had to select for me is the role of Nitta Sayuri. argh! I wanted to audition for the supporting role of Pumpkin but my face wasn’t round enough.. bummer.

The audition turned out okay although i was so so nervous cuz there were 3 cameras placed in different directions to film my moves and expressions. Yikes!

Anyway, I was told that almost 500 people are vying for the role of Sayuri and that casting calls are also held in New York and LA. Wow. Well, although I know chances are very slim for me to be casted as Sayuri, (hey, they want a pure Jap to play this role: I’m Chinese! πŸ™‚ it was definitely a great experience that i’ll never, ever forget. And at least when i watch the movie, i can tell myself “Hey, i was one of the 500 girls to audition for that lead role” HAH!

body surfing!

COWABANGGA!!!..I wanted to post this picture along with the other one but I was scared to hog leong’s website with all these beach pictures..but hehe..I couldn’t resist it: i HAD to put this one up too! πŸ˜€ Okay, so this is body surfing. You don’t necessarily need a board, you can body surf without a board. It’s really simple, all you have to do is have your back facing the water, wait for the waves to come..and *tadaa* you’re up on the air!! Totally awesome! Well, I’m sure there’s no way you can do it in Malaysian waters rite? what are you waiting for?..COME TO HAWAII!..

woOo hOo! surfing time!

WooOO HOoOOo..ain’t this DA BOMB?? This is Sandies Beach and it’s one of the best beaches in Honolulu, Hawai’i. I was thrown around like a ragged doll when the huge waves (almost 5ft!) came crashing down on me, picked me up and brought me further away from where I was standing. *help*
warning: People who are interested to learn surfing SHOULD NOT come here. Beginners should go to Waikiki Beach because the waves there are calmer and less threatening. However, if you wanna learn how to body surf (it’s like gliding through the waves- totally awesome), Sandies Beach is the best place to learn!
So..anybody interested? πŸ˜‰

mEn & wOmeN

After waking up to Leong’s MSN messages of “OI, BLOG!”, “blog blog blog” and “blog lahh”..I realize that I should blog about something before I drive Leong up the wall. (i think i already did..)
Today, in one my comm. class, I learned about communication modes between males and females. This research was done by Dr. Peter Anderson from the prestigious USC (Uni. of Southern Calif.) and it’s proven to be almost 90% true.

Lesson 1: Humans.

What do men notice when meeting a woman in a social setting?
answer: What she would look like naked/ and naked in bed.

What do women notice when meeting a man in a social setting?
answer: Does he look like he has a job/ and is it a good job.

Who are more visual : Men or Woman?
– Men look, woman see.
– Men admire, woman inspect.
– Men notice contours and curves, women notice form and structure.
– Men notice women’s eyes and body, women notice men’s eyes, hands, teeth, smile and class.

And here’s the highlight:
Why does a woman look at a man’s hand? (besides the wedding ring finger..)
Answer: To look at his testosterone level.

If the wedding ring finger is longer than the index finger : High level
If the wedding ring finger is the same length as the index finger : Average level (most guys are here)
If the wedding ring finger is shorter than the index finger : Low level

I love communication class.

Malaysians vs. Americans ….in Geography

Today, I went for my second class in Hawaiian studies at Kamakakuokalani Building (kamaka-ko-ka-kolani) quite interesting…except the teacher said “umm..” 67 times..couldn’t concentrate properly on her teaching cuz I was counting the amount of “umms..”. Dang.

Anyway, today I met some new American friends. Seriously…their geography sux.

Me: Hi, I’m Kim..and you are?
XXX: Hi, I’m XXX. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Malaysia
XXX: Malaysia?..err…where’s that?
Me: err..(silence)…next to Singapore….?….?..?
XXX: OoOoOH!..Singapore!..I see…I see…(2 minutes later) err..where’s that? the pacific ocean?
Me : ….

Sigh…and XXX is not the first.

Wen Kim’s first post all the way from Waikiki, Honolulu!

wahaha..cheng leong made me a guest blogger!..yeyeye…at least I have something to do here.. sigh, life here is quite shitty here..and i can’t wait to stop feeling like this! Anyway, enough of my whining…classes are starting right lemme just talk a lil’ bit about the peOpLe here.. let’s start with:

The girls here are hot…especially the Hawaiian girls! They have a nice tan, long brownish-dark hair and exotic features..though 80% of them are on the plum side. Nevertheless, they’re h.o.t…The other gals (Japanese, Koreans, Americans) are pretty okay too. In other words: all chun! Almost 90% of the girls (including me) wear clothes like we’re going to the beach.. e.g.: flip flops, shorts, Baby T’s, sports bra (they wear it, i don’t!) -and we, girls actually get away with it! It helps that the Lecturers wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts to teach..;D…so it’s pretty relaxed here..

Boys ahhh..errrrrr….honestly speaking..okay okay only lah..not a lot.(not like I was checking them out anyway :)..:D There are loads of surfers in my campus (you won’t miss them cuz they are always carrying a surf board round the campus) and skateboarders too. Most of them are on the big side..and the Hawaiian guys here totally reminds me of The Rock. Hehe.

…but in the end, they are nothing compared to Malaysian guys..;)