Well, my neighbourhood isn?t entirely safe. 10 years ago, a lady was forced into a car on my street. She screamed for help and as soon as my tenants heard her, they tried chasing the car with weapons. However, they couldn?t catch up with the car.

We called the police but the next day, the lady was found murdered in front of a shopping complex nearby my place?

19 thoughts on “murder!”

  1. Ahahahahahhaha…………….oh man, U sure haf a talent in comics….I b ur agent want ar?But seriously, OUG spunds damn dangerous ler. No wonder u got a drawer full macete.I actually love collecting knives too and got like 4 of them. Quite useful in chopping down trees but it take a long time.

  2. ya laa mahaii.. heheh this would be the comicblog. u know like audioblog kinda hingibob.stickman blogging!!! haaha do a porn 1 laaa.. i wanna see!

  3. sheesh CL..dint know so many perverts visit your site wan…*hehe*…..well u make OUG sound really really freaky kkkk…..haha unlucky u lerrr….neminds one day we’ll see u in the papers aso…*ahaks*….

  4. wah chibet.. ppl photo blog, urs what? comicblog ah? nia ma u sure got the talent bitch ;p drop law and take up arts la! marvel would want you! muahahhaa ur neighbour damn geng la ;p

  5. leong are u sure oug is like that? hahahahaahah i’ve never seen the place like that…u really so free hahaha draow all the cute cute comics with stories from 10 yrs ago! haahah

  6. nabu hc lu xi kong lu wah dua wai cin sui meh lim peh xiang li hai wah dua wai pun bo kap siau lu dua hi peng kau pe kau bu.

  7. excuse me?those comics are good stuff done by Mr. Cheng Leong…and if u do not know the meaning of pervert…look it up in the dictionary…..What he stated in the ‘comic’ thingy about porn and all…IS TRUE….he’s not making it up!!it does happen…You were asking for porn from CL…so who sounds more like a pervert?you or him? ;pppphrrr the gguni guy ratz?hahahahaahaa ;X ….err it’s for whoever who wrote that comment ;X*HIDES*

  8. PennyPupz: I’m not the same person as Ratz.Wah, lu lang eh hokkien si beh chim. Lim peh tia kah tau hin hin.I only got 3 words. Li Hoh Boh?

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