My Bitch For The Day

… is none other than fantastic drivers who don’t know how to park their cars!

Be it a guy or a girl driver, can’t they take the time to adjust the position of their car? (My car is the properly parked one, of course!) I was so tempted to open my car door hard, just to dent the stupid Perodua Kelisa.
I don’t know which is worse, big or small cars which aren’t parked properly?
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41 thoughts on “My Bitch For The Day”

  1. maybe the kelisa driver was in a hurry hence no time to adjust his parking leh…unlike you.park so diligently like you got all the time in the world.

  2. bimbobum: Technically driving a 1.3 Wira or a Perodua Kelisa doesn’t make you more special in the parking lot. As long as your car doesn’t stick into the second lot, that’s fine. In this case, the Kelisa isn’t at any fault. Yea, maybe it’s a bit close to the line BUT! the golden rule is that as long as it’s inside..u can’t blame the person.(Of course if the parking lot is BLOODY WIDE and u park like that then you’re probably an idiot)
    Small cars which park DEEP INSIDE and make others think that the parking lot’s free are the MOST IRRITATING!

  3. ugh!!!! i’m so ashamed…i drive kelisa too, but heck sure i won’t park liddat cause i always complain like u oso when i see these kinda stuff
    no matter big or small car, they should know to park nicely wut..the last time i saw a car parking liddat at MdV, i wrote a note for tat person and stick it on the car window…

  4. i’m not driving a proton wira 1.3 also ;P
    ahaha. imagine if i’m the one that drive the kelisa and deliberately park that way to blog about it? i’m not that sad case! 😉
    p.s. ryuu: i don’t have the guts to do it, be it coins or keys ;P

  5. In cineleisure, the front carpark in front of the entrance to the center is reserved for ladies only. I wanna take a pic of a row of the cars in badly parked positions then post to The Star. Kihkihkihkih

  6. i think small cars which are parked outside the line’s the worst. Small car oso so easy to maneuver but still some dum dum drivers donno how to park car nicely.(But I thnk big cars nicer to get revenge… bwahahahahha)

  7. im from australian, hahahahahaha i dont see any fault oso. JANJI in the box can dy ler. ownself paria dont put the blame on others. pls

  8. wtf? kelisa oso can park lidat? got take pic of the whole car? i think there’s this singaporean blog where u can post pic of how idiots act on the road or park their vehicles.

  9. you’re lucky you haven’t come across those who parks ON the line; and the ones that parks in NOT one but TWO lots; and oh, the ones that has one tyre in the next spot. disgusting i tell you.

  10. terenceloh: hahahahah … i never noticed it when i was there!
    sillywabbit: yeah! irrespective of big or small cars -_-
    frankfurter a.k.a. hotdog wannabe: from the driver’s it’s ok. my passenger at the back, may not.
    karheng: you from malaysian?
    hornyhorn: my parking is perfect. just because i took 20 minutes to park it perfectly doesn’t mean i’m paria ………….. jk! less den 5mins to park.
    electronicfly: big cars park 2 lots to avoid other car doors from scratching them. but they forget some asses can be deliberately scratching their cars with coins or keys ;P
    endroo: ya ;P
    di0n: they don’t! in fact, they drive at 60 kmh on the right (fast) lane …
    angmoh: i don’t like lorries. ;P

  11. wahaha…This happened to me once. Got in an argument with a person because I was rushing to work and ended up parked my care a bit to close to the car next door.
    The lady (in her late 20’s) I parked next to, wanted to get out but scolded me from inside her car with her door half opened because I parked a bit to close to her. Of cause not as bad as Bimbobum picture. Maybe around the same distance as the kelisa (What is a kelisa? we don’t have that in Australia.) if the back wheels was align closer in the parking area with the front wheels. But still to close and I admit I should have left more room. I immediately apologies nicely to her but she continued to complain and called me a dick head, so I replied by calling her a stupid BIATCH!!! (Best word to use if you want to piss off a female, based on my experience. Is that why I’m still single?…hehe) that’s when her boyfriend step out from the other side of the car…SHIT… where did he come from? I didn’t see him. He started to mouth out some nasty words at me while I tried to explain to his girlfriend that if she opened the door half way, she shouldn’t have any problems getting out. This was when I started to think in my head this time, “come on, you can’t be that fat to have a hard time getting out”. Anyway she managed to get out of the car with out a problem and I said to her “wasn’t that hard to get out after all was it?”… She was quiet and didn’t know what to say for awhile, so I started to turn around quickly to catch my train that I may have already missed. But she started up again, calling me a stupid Asian. This coming from a Filipino (maybe because her boyfriend is a westerner, she forgot her own nationality…don’t know lar). I turned around and responded aren’t you Asian too. Anyway I just walked off because I didn’t wanted to be late to work again.
    Strangely I wasn’t beaten up by her boyfriend. It gave me the impression that he wasn’t concerned about her. If I was him, I would of stand up for my girlfriend more, but if I was him I wouldn’t have dated a person like her in the first place. Making a big deal out of nothing when I already said sorry. Did she want me to restart my engine and park further away from her so she can swing open her door?…what a princess.

  12. i hate those kind of people! an apology isn’t enough but they have to go on and on ranting just to listen to the sound of their own voice.
    karheng: what is correct? mata senget?

  13. Nola asking u that picture u posted earlier….in the traffic jam post. Was it near summit -giant area ar? Looks suspectingly like it…

  14. aiya..if i were u tat time, i would
    no.1 : say sorry and park nicely (but i wouldnt know if i missed the train or not)
    no.2 : restart engine and park NEXT to her door..
    and kelisa is a compact car…in msia only…

  15. wah lun scuzzy your in australian, england so powderful and parking also got problem. damn jia lut man, mayb your immediately apologies not terror enuff.

  16. this morning when I parked my car at work… I was just putting my shoes on and getting my bag…the next thing I know, there was a car parking next to me (on the drive side)… this @#?& guy left the car without a trace so quickly (run for the toilet, maybe) after he parked the car ON the yellow line…so close to my car that I could not open the door! (ok, I can open the door, but I could not squeeze my head thru it)
    so I had to climb out the other side!!!
    don’t know if he simply suck at parking or just being ignorant.. either case, don’t park next to me ever again!!

  17. chaliz: lol… a bit similar to my situation, but the other way around.
    Maybe your head to fat can’t get out of car…joking.
    I can honestly say that I have never parked on the line before. I usually make it a habit to not park too close to the line because I don’t trust other people opening their car doors and hitting my car, whether it is by accident or deliberate. I’ve done it a few times…
    “Accident sorry, Mr audi A4 driver, at least no scratches”…people who drive expensive cars can afford to get a repaint (yeah baby…hot pink A4 would look sweet)
    Maybe you could have left a letter on his car window telling him not to park on the yellow line because you cant open your door to get out…better still, don’t need to leave a letter, just scratch the message onto his car with your car keys.

  18. hornyhorn: I agree… that person was just rude.
    If I has parked a little to close (not on line. I never do that) to chaliz, I would have for sure re-parked my car…because she is just too hawt. But that lady I parked next to was just too rude.

  19. that happened to me a few times.. idiots who don’t park properly like so goddamn senget.. but had no choice but to park at that spot cos lazy la wanna drive round and round just to look for parking..
    so i park nicely.. make sure i’m actually in the box but can still give the idiot ample space to move his/her car out…
    then i go scratch the car. serves the person right la.. and ya if karma were to happen, my car is already teruk so i don’t really care hahaha

  20. chaliz: horrible! i had to climb to get out of the other side before as well. some people are just ridiculous.
    Scuzzy: guys are all the same! always say the same thing, “if the driver was a hot chick, i won’t mind lah … but, auntie!!!!”

  21. Bimbobum: only trying to be friendly and give a complement, Auntie hot as well.
    Regardless of whether the person is hot or not, if rude then *big slap* on face (don’t take that literally).
    Bimbobum you’re hot as well. You’re the one that’s causing all the fog over KL, you got to stop being so hot.

  22. hahaha
    Thanks for all the advice to scratch that car… but that’s the parking at work. I don’t know who that person was but definitely don’t wanna have a permanent enemy working at the same company…

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