The Haze 2006

To my Indonesian friends,


Why can’t you foggers stop burning the forest for once????

Because of you foggers I am suffering from flu, headache and cough.
Last night, I took antihistamine to sort out my nose. Unknown to me, the pill has already expired a year ago. I woke up with headache, aching kidney and stiff muscles.
And I can’t believe your Minister would say such thing:-

“It is natural they complain,”
“We have forests producing oxygen and bringing clean air to them but they don’t thank us. Now there’s smoke and they complain. There must be a balance.”


22 thoughts on “The Haze 2006”

  1. That really sux. For sure this will cause serious health issues to everyone in malaysia who are affect by heavy smoke on a daily basis i.e asthma and lung cancer to name a few. What is your government doing about this?

  2. mem: well, the fogging minister did!
    scuzzy: other than complaining everyday, i dont know what is our gvoernment doing now.
    insomnia: thanks to our fogging friends la.

  3. it’s not just indonesians…it’s those people who have no knowledge whatsoever who just go burn plots to clear land quickly which caused this. And u know what? Apparently, Those people are working for Malaysian companies…(inside source)

  4. zul : nuke them..but not bali..i have good memories there..
    karheng : so its not a rumour la..i heard it oso, couldn’t believe my ears really…
    do u guys remember how many years has this been already?? i mean evry year this kinda month…how long ade, in my mind was saying it was 1998 when i 1st hear it..

  5. CL: don’t make it too general because remember they are still a small group of educated people in that country which was bullied by the bigger population.
    I think every year is those foggers who throw and burnt their factory waste and those who wanna get more land in the jungle for development!
    Anyway thanks to those foggers my gf is always sneezing and i’m the victim of taking care of her!!!!

  6. yeah every year got chinese new year, moon cake fest, 9 wong yeh, and other fest…
    i think the interested to make Fake Genting Festival every year as well…

  7. gt to do wiv the ppl’s mentality…my neighbour stil gt the guts to burn rubbish openly,now past midnite..he must be thinking…now gt haze so bad, i might as well take the opportunity to burn..

  8. uhm, erm wow u guys,, as if indons are not affected by the haze? it’s malaysians who paid ppl to burn the trees here after all, how come none of u know this? In fact, malaysian govt last week sed that they will take serious actions against YOUR own people for burning indo forests.

  9. NO! NO! NO!…..Indo’s…..If your country is really really serious. They would go all out to stop the fucking problem reccuring every fucking year. If they blame the fogging Malaysian companies, that shows that Indo’s government enforcement system is WEAK! Can’t even enforce and take prosecuting action year in year out. Kenapa si, ofiser-ofiser sudah makan duit dongggg.
    And what do we get. “There is nothing we can do” comments. ASEAN offer help, ‘kau peh’kau peh’ don’t want. Tiu, stop fucking making these excuses and take MASSIVE action to prevent it again.
    *Deep Breath*……Now that I am done. Hi everyone, get out of KL and head north for the holidays. Just bacck from Kelantan and it was beautiful there….

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