My Sports Bra

I’ve never owned a sports bra since I believed my boobs are SMALL. But then I decided I might as well get one for my visits to the gym.
But, I HATE IT. It’s so uncomfortable!

(Yes, that’s mine. Do not stare!)
Why is it so uncomfortable?

The underwire is tight, I felt it biting into my skin. The sponge is THIN. When I sweat or perspire, it becomes DRENCHED.
I thought a sports bra is supposed to support the boobs and to prevent ‘too much movement’ while you’re doing sports?
I think I need help in buying a sports bra, you think?

33 thoughts on “My Sports Bra”

  1. err.. that got my attention. i saw the post in google reader but didn’t expect you to really post pictures.
    this ensures my readership for a long time to come! lol
    nice skin btw

  2. can someone enlighten idiots like me to what a(n) underwire on the bra is?
    and, grey looks very…..vile after a complete workout at the gym.

  3. I don’t like the sport bras that they have in the market. Either they make your boobs look like mishappen lumps under your shirt, or they don’t support at all and make one boob go east and the other go west.
    I bought one of those Reebok tank tops with padding at the right places (over nipples lah). Good material, best thing is no wire, and it looks good! 🙂 Yes, boobs look all right in it too. Going for RM69, now there’s 20% in Midvalley, is it Studio R? That huge sports shop on 3rd floor.

  4. blah: everything will be bouncing around in the gym! where got nude gyms in malaysia lah! ;P
    xes & Thrillseeker: oi! i pass ah? ;PPPpPpPP
    Andrew: under table $ ;D
    booby: do you breastfeed then?
    endroo G: AWWW THANKS!
    Low: THANKS ;D yeah, i think i bought a cheap one, so it’s not very comfortable.
    electronicfly: unless i’m st00pid and it’s not a sports bra???? cannot be lah, the label said so!
    rych: supports heavy bust. eh, the bra is worn underneath a t-shirt, of course!
    Appelgal: yes! it’s much more comfortable wearing tops like those. i prefer them, actually. good padding too!
    karheng: unless you don’t have a nice chest to show, then you have to be dressed. ;D

  5. wondney: thanks 😉 but the wire still makes it painful ;(
    KhinKo: tipu me lah you! 😉
    flush: your hands big enough? ;P euwwww, i might as well wear normal bras during gym lah! ;P
    karheng: send me a pic of your chest lah, i’ll define it for you. ;P

  6. flush: ONE HAND ONLY AH? 😉
    KhinKo: i *quit* drinking lor waHaHAHah ;D
    allan: but there’s no nudity… this is educational!
    leesh: congrats for being the 30th commenter! it’s been ages, yay!!

  7. hmm which gym do you go to i know how to use my hands to apply correct pressure on your breast to make your sports bra/bra/breast comfortable.
    if your sports panties are uncomfortable i know how to use my tongue to apply correct pressure to make it comfortable too.
    just lemme know which gym you go to i will do it for you free since you posted pictures of your breast here. normally i charge.

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