Sweet and Sour Pork Stamps

On 16 January 2007, I blogged about a stamp issued by China that taste of sweet and sour pork. I found a block of 4 and at eBay and purchased it!

So it arrived last week. When I opened it,

OK. Doesn’t smell of anything.

Then I licked it.

OK. Doesn’t taste of sweet and and sour pork at all.

I’ve been conned!

16 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Pork Stamps”

  1. Well i won’t say i wouldn’t have done the same thing i.e. licked it. But still, i would have been bloody pissed to be conned!

  2. ooh the horror.
    imagine the stamp dude at the postoffice or whatever “marinate” those stamps with his butt juice or something.
    eeeeewwwww. try licking dat. eeeeewwwwwwww

  3. karheng: i think i got conned by the website, not hte seller keke
    Darren: must have been lost in mail la. happens all the time keke
    David: hehe, gotta try out the good ma!
    efly: ekkeke maybe
    insomnia: hehe actually im not surprised if they did, in thailand, they even had stamps that smells like roses!
    khinko: cnanot la..
    ivn: u n000b la!
    Lola: keke sorry mine is virgin!
    blah: ummm butt juice..mmmm
    rych: pigs to you are obscene huh hehe
    facky: just a few USDs, including airfare ehe

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