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Good news!!! Gaming tycoon Vincent Tan Chee Yioun Plans to launch Malaysia second Pay-TV, Mitv in october. It will have 80 channels and will charge a flat monthly rate. It will be cheaper than Astro because it will be delivered using Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast technology. This mean that you don’t have to pay for any satelite dish and decoder. The best is you might get to watch your favourite show on your pay-tv station even on rainy day. Read all about it at Yahoo Finance Singapore.

Now,that will spell the death of Astro. I am gonna be among the first group of Malaysia to sign up for Mitv. Before i leave, i wanna say “DIE ASTRO! DIE!”

6 thoughts on “New Pay TV”

  1. ahhh……. the memories of astro.. damn.. i haven’t been back in AGES :'( .. i remember in taiping.. we would be watching.. and then sudden.. it would rain like mad.. and then no more astro.. o.O wEeee =]

  2. yeah, sucks rite. I never had Astro before i come to KL. In sarawak, we are allow to put C-band Satelite dish in our house. We can get over 100+ channel free of charge. The best is, the reception is still good even on rainy day. Shame on Astro.

  3. haha … u first me second … then i’ll throw my astro receiver out the window, then take a pic of it!

  4. yeah i heard that in thailan the satellite dish and receiver is around rm400++ only … and NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES!

  5. rm400 and no subcription fee? Are those C band satelite dish as well. My family just installed one in my home town, it is only RM1200 plus 100 presetted channel. According to the man, the channels have to be reset after a few months for clearer reception because the satelites moves around a lot. We are entitled to 3 free services from the technician for that. Also if 100 channel is not enough, we can pay RM300 to get another 100 channels.

  6. Frank : sorry man. I have a good sarawak joke.Me : Eh, I heard from my teacher last time the students had to dayung sampan pergi sekolahFriend : HAHAHA….yeah, that’s true… and we live on trees… Sometimes on the hills.Me : Huh??? Serious ah?? Then how come u all come to Melbourne to study wan?Friend : (Pauses. Laughs.) … (Starts sketching on a piece of paper…. drawing a river, a tree, a house…..)Me : (Watches closely…)Friend : (Starts drawing a huge satelite dish on the tree….) ” Eh, our satelite dish damn big ok “HEHEHEHE… It might not be funny narrated here, but just imagine a dumb and ignorant idiot like me… believed it for a moment 😉 HEHEHE.Solli to sarawakians. Especially MIRI-ans.

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