New Years Eve 2010

Instead of welcoming the new year at bustling club in Kuala Lumpur, A and I decided to welcome 2011 in Port Dickson.

We packed our bags and headed straight to our hotel, Avillion Admiral Cove, in the afternoon.

Our initial plan in the evening is to jog at the treadmills in the hotel and swim.

Unfortunately, the gym was ill equipped. All we had was this….

Swimming was taken off from our list when we saw that the swimming pool was filled with kids. The thought of kids peeing in the swimming pool turned me off. There were around 10 kids. It was as if we were going to swim in a swimming pool of pee!

With all these activities off our plan, we headed to Port Dickson town to explore. It was like any other typical Malaysian town.

Except that they have an ooohsum shop by the name “Ice Room” which serves shaved ice cream.

Just right after we were done with dessert, we headed to Lukut for their famous Curry Chicken Bun.

Will blog about all these food outlets later.


I was expecting a quiet celebration in Port Dickson and it was indeed quiet. At 12 midnight, there were some fireworks here and there but nothing of magnificent scale like the one at Sydney.

The hotel’s pub had a small countdown. But we decided to skip it and roam around the hotel.

By 1am, we were back in our hotel and was ready for bed by 2am.

Welcome 2011. Best wishes to all readers for the new year!

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