Olympics Badminton Final – Malaysia v China

Badminton is perhaps the only sports in Olympics that we can actually count on to win a gold medal. We have been very close to getting one and it looks like we have to wait another 4 years.

1st Round: bye? I wonder what does this mean…
Hopes were high for Malaysians as World No. 2, Lee Chong Wei had beaten World Number 1. Lin Dan on numerous occasions. At the finals of one tournament, Lin Dan walked out from the prize giving ceremony after Chong Wei beaten him.
Unfortunately, this time round, Lin Dan thrashed Chong Wei 21 – 12, 21 – 8 in a 49 minutes match. Chong Wei was no match for Lin Dan – Lin Dan was fully in control. Interestingly, Lin Dan had never lost a single match throughout the 2008 Olympics.
Chong Wei was visibly upset over the lost notwithstanding that this is his best performance in the Olympics and this is also Malaysia’s first silver for men’s singles.
In this game, Chong Wei has lost his chance to a RM1 million incentive, Malaysia’s first gold in badminton in the Olympics and possibly a public holiday declared by the government.

6 thoughts on “Olympics Badminton Final – Malaysia v China”

  1. Both of them ranked no.1 and no.2 in the world hence they are labelled as the first and second seeded players in the tournament. Therefore, automatically they will be qualified for second round without competing and more than often, they won’t meet each other until semifinals. It’s a privilege for being the top players getting the ‘byes’
    Gutted, but humbly contented. We will settle for a silver medal, no?

  2. typical of malaysian, always nervous and flounder at the critical moment, sigh… there i was with the malaysian flag and chivas ready to celebrate…

  3. K: what does bye stands for ?
    Darren: yeah he will be! its on the papers!
    cm: ok la, at least we are on par with the Singaporeans. both also got 2 silver medals hehe
    pokai: yea potong steam.

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