On a foggy day…

Last Thrusday an extremly fogging hazy day, i took the LRT down to KL for a meeting. On the way back, i stopped by Kelana Jaya Station to top up my Touch n’ Go Card. There were this couple standing in front of me, a melay lady and her caucasian boyfriend. I was not very sure what was wrong with their card but it took ages for the clerk to top up their card. While, we were waiting for their card to be topped up…

Lady: Honey, can you see where is my mouth. (The lady was wearing mask)
Mat Salleh: ooooh…let me see.
Then they kissed each other.
Mat Salleh: No, i can’t find it
Then, the man french kissed the lady whom were wearing a mask. God Damn it, get a room lar!!! I was standing less than 30cm behind them. Suddenly…
Man: oooi, apa you orang buat! (oooi, what are both of you doing!)
All of us turned behind and saw a masked melay Guard.
Man: Tak boleh cium cium di sini! Kami orang Islam! (No kissing here! We are muslim)
Then suddenly….
Mat Salleh: ini his-teri saye. Kame aken ber-car-win tak lame legi (This is my wife. We are gonna get marry soon)
The Mat Salleh could speak Melay with American Accent!!! Fogging Hell!!!
Man: Tak boleh. Sini orang ramai! (Cannot! This is a public place)
Mat Salleh: Bah-lik roh-mah bole-hhh buat keh? (Can we do it at home?)
Man: Belum kahwin, tak boleh! (Not married yet, cannot!)
Then,they went on arguing with each other for a good 3-4 mins…Amazingly, their Touch n’ Go Card took that fogging long to be reloaded as well.
Finally, my turn…
Me: Cek, tambeh nilei lime puluh ring-git (Miss, top up RM50 plz)
The Clerk stared at me….
ooooh My God!!! I am speaking American accented Melay as well…FOGGING HELL

21 thoughts on “On a foggy day…”

  1. Hmm…is there a law in M’sia that says we can’t kiss in public? I know there’s already issues about hugging between Muslims. But what about non-Muslims? But since you’re a lawyer, maybe you can answer it better.

  2. There is a by-law passed by DBKL that kissing or hold hands in the public is not allowed but it was hardly enforced. There was an uproar on this rule one or two years ago, when a chinese couple was summon and charge for kissing and hugging in KLCC park.

  3. I’m more surprised that Frank decided to stay that long to reload his touch n go and see the whole snogging drama. The melay girl cun issit, Frank? LOL!

  4. Haha hi guys, just a random reader that reads this blog from time to time. This is a very funny post! πŸ™‚

  5. *sigh* Malaysians. Why they wanna bother so much about other people’s lives. Let them be lar…
    Now the minister said, hugging is also against their religion. I am soooo going to laugh if someone goes to court for being caught hugging in public…*_*

  6. This is some funny shit. I would thought u (Frank) would speak Malay wif an ENglish accent instead of american. Kekekekee

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