Going Home!

  • I might be going back to Malaysia earlier! I’m going change my flight from 30th December to 18th December.. weee!
  • I just booked a room in Halifax hall for my winter break. We have to move out from our hall during the winter break for 1 month and then move back in again a month later! shesh man, damn troublesome. Halifax hall is quite nice but the only problem is that they only have one telephone for each corridor, seems that I need to share with my corridor mates. It cost me £58.20 for 5 days, shesh man!
  • Alan Teo’s Birthday 2001

  • It’s Alan Teo‘s birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • We had Alan‘s birthday dinner at some Indian restaurant at Glossop Rd. It’s a pretty nice place. They decorated the place something like a high-class restaurant. However, the vitiating problem is the prices. I had a plate of rice with 3 pieces of meat, couple of shrimps and a spoonful of spinach that cost me £8!! After dinner, we went to the union’s bar and had couple of drinks. Nothing much happen, we didn’t get Alan drunk. hehe
  • I lost £5 to Juleun just now! We had a bet on who is going to win the drinking contest between halls. I sided Tapton hall and Juleun supported Ranmoor. The hall that gets the best position wins. It seems that Ranmoor won the 2nd place and Stevenson hall won again for 50 consecutive years!
  • I just found out that my server has been hacked. I even found the backdoor and files left by the hacker. I guess they hacked by exploiting ssh 1.2-47. shesh, and yet the admin hasn’t fix the fucking server yet!
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

  • I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon organised by MASSOC today. It was pretty good. We visited Shakespeare’s museum, birthplace and Nash’s house (great grandson in law of William’s home). Stratford is beautiful. There’s this river where we picnicked and played captain ball. The place was beautified with the falling leaves of autumn and obese geese and ducks with the swimming swans. Although MASSOC is a Malaysian and Singaporean society, other people from other countries went with us, for example, Hong Kong, Japan, China and oh yeah, Ian the guai lou (British guy). The town is quite small but seems cosy maybe because most of the buildings are Tudor houses. Some of the houses were turned into shops. There is this shop selling teddy bears. Outside the shop lies a teddy bear that is ½ head taller than me wearing a British guard uniform.
  • Speaking of Ian, he’s a friendly and funny guy. He never cease to amuse me. He calls himself guai lou (it’s caucasian in cantonese) and could speak Japanese. Apparently he picked it up when he was in Japan during summer. One thing I like about him is his friendliness. Sadly I would say MASSOC is a society filled purely with Asians (no doubt that everyone is asian). Ian didn’t even mind at all, he turned up with no regret. He thanked us as we were departing to our rooms saying that he treated him like a king today. sweet guy 🙂
  • Coincidently, there had a fun fair in the town. It made the whole town so lively! They even had fireworks weeee..! We went home at 6pm and we were given Nasi Lemak for dinner as soon as we reach Sheffield *yummy*
    Some facts I picked up.

  • Stratford is 2 ½ hours away from Sheffield.
  • William Shakespeare‘s parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.
  • He was born on 1564 and died 50+ years later.
  • The higher the ceiling of a Tudor house the richer the owner is.
  • Insane people are classed as criminals during the 16th century till the 18th century. There were jailed and beaten up.
  • Nash married William’s granddaughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was 18 and Nash was 36 years old. Eventually Nash died and Elizabeth remarried.
  • Elizabeth never had any children from both of the marriage. Elizabeth was the last descendant of the William Shakespeare family.
  • Cream @ Liverpool

    The weather was so cold that it almost freezed my balls off. *brrr*

    I just came back from Cream @ Nation at Liverpool. It took us 2 hours to reach back to Sheffield. The whole event was great. It wasn’t not packed and the music was great.

    Nation is made out of 3 rooms, the main room, the annex and the courtyard. DJ Sasha was at the Courtyard and DJ Tiesto was in the main room. They started playing at 2am. We had to line up for an hour to get into the courtyard when Sasha was playing, sheshh.

    Dj Tiesto was fabulous! The last song he played was PPK – Resurrection, it was damn good and his finishing was magnificent!

    The security in Nation is extremely tight. We had to put our belonging into a plastic bag that was given by the staff when we were lining up to get into the club. A body search was performed on us from the body and they even checked our shoes and stocking. However, one of my friends could still manage to sneak a popper in by hiding it between his toes, clever huh. hehe. Surprisingly, you could still get ecstasy pills here even though the security is super tight. The pills there cost about £5 each.

    We have couple of new faces that turned for the event that was organized by our Clubbing Society. There’s this couple named Jim and Jane who disappeared to nowhere suddenly once we get into the club. Then there’s this 2 Malaysian girls who were once from Taylor’s College, Malaysia. There are about 15 of us. Carl came all the way from Nottingham to join us. Luckily there’s an extra seat for him. We reached Liverpool at 9:30PM and went home about 4AM.

    Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 21

    I took alot of photos today. I went Bourke Street, Swanston St, Flinder St, Collins Street, Spencer St. Station, etc. The best was in St Paul Cathedral, Flinders St., the architecture design is beautiful, never seen anything like it before.

    I went Vic Mart this morning. I had Dutch Pancakes, it’s some small pancakes covered with maple syrup and butter, mmmm, nicee…ahhh…Then i had Spanish Doughnut, it’s a long crispy dough with caster sugar on it…mmm…nice..ahh. I bought a lot of souvenir for my parents and friends at Vic Mart. I bought this aromatherapy gadget and couple of essence oil for my parents, i wonder if it really works.

    I went to Crowns again just now but this time I went into the casino, damn a lot of slot machines and gambling tables. I wonder how many millions does Crown make a day.

    Tomorrow I’m gonna have Mcdonalds for breakfast with Nick before I leave, my flight is at 2:15PM, I think I’ll reach KLIA at 8:15PM.
    This should be the last night here for my Melbourne trip, I’m gonna miss this place man.

    Oh well, I think I’ll just visit here again next year, hopefully. hehe, I guess this is the end of my Melbourne trip journal. Goodbye.

    Spotted Ayer Rocks from the plane while on the way home.

    Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 19

    I went clubbing at Sirens just now, kinda big place. There’s 2 rooms, 1 r&b and another one techno/trance. i was there wif my gf, nick, kerwynn, shawn, yeanpeng, joyce, kim, and others, johan got kicked out cause he’s in jeans, aw man , he walked straight back to Crown.

    We ordered a bottle of Black Label, cost bout $120. I had bout 4 cups, all bottoms up, due to the other friends who wanted to get drunk fast, i ended up having a headache on my head now, uh.

    After years of hearing all the significant of the special dance in Melbourne nightclubs, i’ve finally seen it! It seems that 99% of the people there (the techno/trance room) can do melbourne shuffle (thats what some people call that dance). It’s really damn nice and unique, i’m quite amazed! Usually in kl you can see 2 or 3 people doing Melbourne shuffle, but there its like everyone can do it, and oh yeah, the weed here smells better, hehe.

    Today is the last day for me to do all the things i usually do. For example, watching The Simpsons. I taped the Simpsons today, damn nice…1 hour special, damn, i cant watch it in Malaysia no more . Furthermore, today its my last day of attending uni wif my gf, but thank god, the lectures are freaking boring and i haf to wake up early for it..sheshh…but oh well, one hell of an experience.

    Gotta go sleep now

    5 am ohrehdhe..


    Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 16

    I went to lecture again today, introductory macroeconomics, shesh, damn boring, thank god i’m taking law now. I met up with nicholas, yeanpeng, joyce, toon, jenkin and julian today. It’s the first time i see nicholas here ever since i came here. Didnt do nothin much today, went tahkei with nicholas then yamcha for a while. I had pizza and pasta for dinner at Mark’s, damnnn nice…cabonara and 1/2 pizza tandy chicken and marinara. yum yum

    Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 15

    I went to melbourne uni today, attended 2 lectures, psychology lecture and concept accounting lecture. i slept at the psychology lecture, fuh..the theatre rite, damn hightech..hehe..somemore their seats are like cinema seats (tgv seats), so nice and comfy, i feel asleep for the whole class..ehhhehe
    Melbourne Uni damn alot of ppl, they even haf some sports activity going on for free. There’s kickboxing, thaibo, wushu, fencing, etc etc..Butthen, free for one week only..sheshh..
    Accounting concepts seems to be a very easy subject, it’s like my alevel accounting, and slightly easier, i wish i could take that subject..hehe
    Trinity college is just next to Melbourne Uni (the colege where my gf used to study). It’s a nice place, with old block of building, wish i bought my camera along.
    I’m going to uni tomolo again, sheshh, have to wake up early eventhought i’m on holiday, arghhhhh