I got this from ratz website

Kent Choice: e.Motion Featuring Kevin Saunderson
Date : Saturday, 13/12/2003
Venue : Atmosphere, TwelveSI
Time : 9PM till late
DJ : Kevin Saunderson (Techno pioneer)
Genre : Techno ( Detroit style)
Damage : RM50 (inclusive of 1 drink), RM25 (before midnight, for first 300 KCC members, inclusive of 1 drink)

DJ Mixing Marathon
Date : 26 – 29 December
Venue : Rooftop, Sungei Wang Plaza
Time : 10am onwards
Damage : FREE!
DJ : DJ Maverick’s attempt to break the 80 hours non-stop world longest DJ spinning. Without the help of drugs. He did it before, so he will do it again!
Genre : Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance.

I’m looking forward to Uncle Maverick’s set. YAY party for 2 days non stop!!

As for this weekend’s rave, god damn it, it’s RM50. I used to be a KCC (Kent Clubbers) member (hence i would be entitled for a cheaper ticket). However, they kicked me out from the club even though I’ve been a loyal member of KCC for 3 years. The reason was that I’m a non-smoker. Only smokers can be a member of Kent Clubbers. Anyone got a spare card to spare?

Speaking about Darulsalam cafe in SS15. It used to be a popular mamak until it was renovated into a high class cafe. So one day, Cris, Abby Lu and I had a drink there..

Waiter: Drinks?
Me: limau ais please.. (Malay name for Lime juice)
Waiter: Sorry we don’t have limau ais here.
Me: err.. okay, teh o ais limau please (Malay name for ice lemon tea)
Waiter: Sorry we don’t have that too.. Look at the menu please..

(I looked at the menu)

They don’t have limau ais or teh o ais limau but only Ice Lemon Tea. By changing their name to Darulsalam café from Restaurant Darulsalam, they “high-classed” their drinks by changing it into English. What nonsense is that.

9 thoughts on “pARTEEH!!”

  1. ahahah ahahahahhaand you know what? they don’t have LIMAUS either. serious. ive asked. numerous times. ice limau. tak ada. ok. err. air? tak ada. ada air mineral, ada sodalime.fucktards.ahahha im embarassed to be from subang now.

  2. come i don’t get this kinda problem….i’m there almost every night….lol…at least they still know what’s roti canai and all….later come out banana bread laaa…planta bread arr….haha that time really sei man!!chuoming: i dont think it’ll bankrupt anytime soon….check out the crowd there ;p

  3. kim,cm, irene: ahahhahapenny: of coruse wont many waterfish like u hehehemichael: penang can fengtau mah 😀 hehe

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