Pasar Laut Dalam

There’s a popular night market called Pasar Laut Dalam (if im not mistaken) held in Uptown DJ every Saturday night.

Majority of the crowd consist of Malays. It was a culture shock for me as I seldom go to Malay night markets. The place has loads of counterfeit goods such as from bags, clothes and even football boots.
There’s a shop selling 2nd hand shoes every few metres. You’ll know it before you see one as the smell of the shoes are overwhelming. The accumulated smell of sweat from hundreds of feet makes the smell pungent.

The origins of the shoes are debatable. Some say that most of the shoes are stolen shoes.

I heard about this saying that if you find your shoes missing in the morning, just head down to DJ Uptown market on Saturday night to buy your shoes back.

I was a little bit scared after taking this photo. The owner of the shop looked like he’s going to bash me up.
Oh, guess what else I saw?

A counterfeit Melboure Shuffler tshirt!!!!

17 thoughts on “Pasar Laut Dalam”

  1. selling 2nd hand shoes whereby you have no idea who the owner is and you might not know whether that person have hong kong foot or not, dun think will buy those 2nd shoes haha

  2. acrix: hehe u had such experience before? 😀
    galferari: of course not!
    Darren: yeah dont think so too la.
    su ann: yup! some of them!

  3. I remember my super comfortable, super nice suede tan Airwalk skate shoes. Some $#(%&# stole it right from inside my front door grill.
    Man, those Airwalk’s were great. They were better than sports shoes because if you compare, running/basketball/cross trainers are too cushiony (for high impact activities) and even too tight fitted (for support, and so your shoes don’t fly from your foot when you run/kick..).
    Prob some illegal immigrant bought them from this market and is wearing them right now, to the envy of his friends.

  4. ehh…the picture in there got one nike low dunk series that i am still missing. Where is this Uptown DJ?DJ= Damansara Jaya?where the f is it?nvr heard of it gehhhhh…..
    i dont mind if its stolen/2nd hand/smells or bla bla bla, i’m just a collector of the low dunk series. Faster let me know,,,,fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr before some other ppl buy it!!!

  5. don’t know where they get the shoes from…hmmm…
    funny. this one woman who worked at my place here before, family not well off ya. she was explaining to me that she sometimes helps out her sister to “clean shoes” for extra income. they will be given a big bag of shoes and were supposed to wash it clean. apparently for “shoe shop” who sells 2nd hand shoes. funny thing is she didn’t say how the “employer” got the shoes. wonder if it’s the same case?

  6. ferker: wahlao are they still looking for pplto work ah? im interested!!
    efei: yea yea just next door
    fishfish: yeah la, imagine they stole it from a victim of a fatal accident
    eric: yeah man, dont pray pray. soon u’ll see melb shuffler dvd in pasar malam
    rych: aiyah this saturday msut go wei

  7. xes: U know some family put VERY GOOD shoes in the coffin of the deceased family member for them to use in the afterlife. Maybe those shoes are from graveyard. who knows, man.

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