This is what the mamak ciggies counter in china will look like:-

which one do you want?


16 thoughts on “Smoke”

  1. dogma: Sorry no stoke, wat about the elephant, panda or the lamb’s?
    Darren:, huh.
    sarah: Comon, give them some credit. They try really hard to come out with a good packaging.
    DieHardX: Aren’t tabacco, a kind of herb?
    fr0stie : Goat Cities is a city in china.
    iv’N: Shall we switch to Enjoy ar?
    fish fish: Yu Yu,take pics of all japanese ciggies plz.

  2. Did you know Chung Hwa (3rd row from the top, 1st from right) and it’s varients are only smoked by China officials? No commoners will have it unless they got some sort of “lubang”.
    I tell u, if u enjoy Dunhill in malaysia, u’ll love Chung Hwa.
    Disclaimer: I’m in no way endorsing the chain habit of smoking. So don’t smoke young people. You’ll die faster than ur parents.

  3. I used to collect the different designs of ciggarette boxes. They were flattened and folded (the origami way) into football jerseys. Then when i went to UK, someone decided to throw them all away…

  4. gguni: Really ar, u must buy one back n let us try lar
    Ivan: Most of their ciggies taste like 555
    PeNNyPupZ: then after u smoke, ur fingers and lips all red red one.
    galFeRari: maybe ler, tat someone thought u smoke so out of anger tat someone threw it all away.

  5. ehh no lah! haha ya china ciggies smell weird.. like gudang garam lidat wna :X all the herbs thingy.. ughhhhhh..
    eh but price damn funny wan.. can be as cheap as RMB5 and as high as RMB 50 lidat i think.. weird wan ler. the one i bought RMB15.. wahah

  6. ha, that chung hwa smoke by official only?
    haha a friend from china once got me like a carton of those … hmmm has some family working as officials?
    and some thriple 5, 555 …. this wan very “keng”
    and some Ginseng Ciggies too … taste like leaves …

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