I bumped into an old high school friend today. Well, ex-friend. This little bastard was an unscrupulous fucker. It was during Form 4, this ex friend (let’ call him Pencuri) of mine came to my house to hang out. He wanted me to fix his computer hence I was busy meddling with his computer.

Suddenly, I received a call from a guy. The guy said he wanted to be friends with me. I was reluctant to talk to him cause I thought he was gay. Anyway, the conversation lasted about 10 minutes. I left Pencuri in my room. And unknown to me, he nicked my newly bought hand phone. I didn’t realised that it was gone until days later.

It didn’t take me long to realise that it was Pencuri who took it. I gathered my friends and headed straight to his house. He was very surprised to see me. In no time, I ransacked his place and found my hand phone hidden in a pouch. Initially he claimed that the phone belonged to his sister. Thank god I copied the serial number of the phone, his defence fell apart.

We didn’t want to whack him in his house hence we ordered him to go outside. As expected, he asked us to wait for him downstairs (he stayed in an apartment). He ran away.

So being a hot blooded young man, I spoke to his mother and screwed her on the spot.
Me: Why is he like that? You didn’t give him enough money to spend?
My friend: (shocked and speechless)
Pencuri’s mum: errr.. no la. He’s like that. This is not the first time. Last time his father used a stick to whack him. He was never repentant.

Soon the word of mouth spread, and the entire school knew about it. I guess he was deeply ashamed with his action. I never spoke to him since.

12 thoughts on “Pencuri”

  1. waHhhhhhhh… sounds like a rite wankA!!!!!! o.Ogood on ya.. u shld have hit him in his own house 😀 i would have.. lol 😀

  2. if i were you, i would have hit that bastard hard on the head. seriously. but look on the bright side.. when he stole ur phone, u get to buy a new one!

  3. Sarah: i am good guy okay hehe nogi: no la where got.enforcing the law only hehe mike: yeah man.r.egrett!! di0n: eh dont tok rubbish ehehYUMMIE: eh long edi.. 7 years ago edi la gguni: naah. .i am not a violent man haahi’vn: east side tEh best!! Ivan: ahha u got problem commenting all the time?? damn this stupid GM laXenon: eheh thanks man 😀 i shall put all da wikked ppl in jail 😀 dimsum: aiseh.. dont u get it? it’s like he’s trying to pick u up la duh.. anyway, the fellow wasnt gay..pencuri used that guy as a decoy to divert my attentionpuiee: unfortunately, i didnt have the money to buy a new phone. eheh

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