Techcircuit tomorrow & Melbourne Shuffe @ Petronas Twin Tower!


Banging this saturday at BAR CODE, Phileo Damansara 1


Place:: BAR CODE, 113 Block E
Phileo Damansara 1, Petaling Jaya
Selangor DE Malaysia

Date:: Saturday 26th June 2004
Time:: 9pm till late
Door charge: Rm15.00 with 1 drink

Click the special link below to check out MAVERICK latest mix::
MAVERICK – May 2004 

Lastly, Hayden strikes again!!

Now @ The Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysia!

15 thoughts on “Techcircuit tomorrow & Melbourne Shuffe @ Petronas Twin Tower!”

  1. Hey xes. You putting up Hayden’s vid’s are wicked! 😀 Kudos to the cameraperson! :pBarcode sounds pretty rad but unfortunately Hayden’s travelling around this weekend elsewhere in Malaysia. Do keep us posted of any hard trance stuff going on in kL though. Sweet!

  2. hayden? who is that?wahlao… maverick’s mix a bit… erm… erm… dont know how to say… hahah

  3. Nizwani: the camera person mus be u! aha did u know about my website? 😀 yummie: like what? say la

  4. xes: A mate passed the site on when he realised that you had the vids up. Hayden’s a gem ain’t he? May drop by Barcode later to check it out. Maybe we can meet up then ey? Cheers!PS.Yes I recorded the babe at kLcc 😀

  5. *rotfl* i’m laughing so hard after hearing maverick’s mix. i agree with yummie.. i don’t know what to say. i couldn’t get the circus tune out of my head now.

  6. Hi,how can i contact Hayden??Met up with him briefly in Singapore with regards to Melbourne Shuffle.Didn’t had a chance to get his details.Thanks!

  7. Hay everyone.Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked watching the video’s as much as I did making them.I am going to Singapore from Tues to Thu. Might catch me a Zouk if its open.Then back to party this weekend in KL – I hear Atmospher is ok?If you want to contact me, feel free to email and I will reply as soon as I can – send me you mobile number if its about meeting up in Sing or KL.HaydenPS. stay tuned for the Shuffle in front of the Merlion 🙂

  8. oops… i missed the @ in my email address… heheheI am sure you can work out where its ment to be 🙂

  9. xes: yeah was at Barcode with a couple of mates. Music got harder later in the night. Venue was a tad bit dodgy but other than that not bad I reckon 😀 (except of course the scuffle that took place outside..hehe)Will be in kL for another 2 weeks or so, so keep us posted on anything coming up.

  10. Hayden: got your email! will reply soon! we’re meeting up @ bangsar this saturday..small gathering for bloggers..come join us! 😀 nizwani: what fight? what time were u there? i left about 2am 😀 eh add me to ur msn!

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