Photography 101

Imagine you’re in Shibuya, Tokyo. Beautiful and colourful neon lights are behind you. You pass your camera to a friend and..
Friend: oi oi, go back abit. stand far away from me.
You: okok.
Then you find a great photo of Shibuya with your face, as small as a pinhead.

Spot Bimbobum @ Shibuya 😀
When taking photographs of a person and a distinctive background, always make sure that the person’s face is clear. But some people do not understand this concept. Many times I’ve seen people standing far away from the camera when posing in front of distinctive background.

What’s the point of being in the photo if your face isn’t clear at all?
The way to solve this is to stand nearer to the camera 😀

Just like bimbobum 😀

18 thoughts on “Photography 101”

  1. hamsap damn hamsap, because that’s not me!
    pokai: where? hehe. i hope you’re not guessing the same thing as i am!
    xes: oi, got prize or not, for guessing? ;P
    i think i’m going to change my paperbag. that one looks too bimbo already.

  2. i reveal the answer..1st pic: it’s a guy i think..righhhtt in the middle with a pinkish shirt, black pants and a black bag with strap on his shoulder..look at his head compared to the second..:)))

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