Annoying Drivers

1. Abuse of the signal light
(a) Signalling left but turning right instead, and vice versa; and
(b) Signalling either way but still going straight along the road and you’re right behind, preparing to slow down, but the idiot doesn’t turn into any lanes at all; and
(c) Not signalling when making a turn, and you might ram into his/her car if you’re sticking too close to the idiot’s car (#&$@(#*@ is it that f*cking difficult to use the signal light?).
2. Parking
(a) Parking so close to one side of the box (hello! can’t you adjust your parking so that you car is more or less in the centre of the box?);
(b) The car’s ass sticks out so much that us drivers driving past would have to swerve just a bit;
(c) Taking up 2 parking spaces just because it’s a Mercedes-Benz or BMW or Ferrari or Porsche and depriving others of that one extra parking space;
(d) The idiot who grabs the parking space you saw first, signalled and was waiting for it, and the driver casually walks out of his/her car strutting his big fat ass (that you just want to shove a durian up the hole);
(e) Parallel parking – Some people are just not good at this. They can take forever, thereby causing a traffic jam. My patience is often tested when I so happen to be right behind a lady driver (aiyoh….) and I have no choice but to wait, when the road is narrow. I don’t know which is worse:

(i) lady drivers (or aunties) in big ass cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda CRV, etc, or
(ii) girls (or ladies) in their Perodua Kancil or Kelisa
having difficulting parking their cars.
-_- ||
(I don’t know whether there are guys who have difficulty with parallel parking. ;P)

3. Running the amber light
Yellow (or amber) means slow down. If you can, then go past it. If you can’t, you’d slow down, right? You slow down and the idiot behind you honks and hits the brakes and you hear the screeches. You check out the idiot in your rear mirror and see him/her gesturing angrily at you.
Tell him/her to go fly a kite, don’t kiss your car’s ass!
Can you think of some more?

22 thoughts on “Annoying Drivers”

  1. Can…so many…
    but first of all…cars which take up 2 parking spaces aren’t necessarily bmws or mercedes mmkay?
    Sometimes Toyota, Proton and HOnda can take up 2 parking spaces.
    Motorbikes…they just can’t seem to get out of the way sometimes…feddup.
    Drivers who come and cucuk belakang. I hate that and i often tap on the brake to scare them..but sometimes that doesn’t deter them…they still come so near. I know you trust my driving skills, but i don’t trust yours.
    Drivers who don’t give you time to make a change from the fast lanes to the middle lanes. Sometimes they just don’t understand that when a car wants to switch lanes, it’s not an immediate thing..of course gotta check whether got car on the left hand side first or not right?
    Jumping cues. Nuff said. That’s the reason to why jams occur.
    FINALLY…this is the big kahouna. One hand drive, one hand holding handphone…no…not talking on the phone..SMSing! The car normally goes all over the place..

  2. People who park their Kancil/Kelisa SOOOO fucking deep into the parking lot and it seems like there is a space from far.
    you step on your gas to rush to the ’empty’ parking lot just to see a Kancil/Kelisa.

  3. xer0: sicko people thinking it’s the new year countdown ;P
    zhong: YA! if only the shopping mall carparks have a separate area for kancil/kelisa to park their cars ;P

  4. same as karheng “i trust my driving skills but not yours”.
    for those jackass who simply honk for a minor reason,i’d scowl at them thru the rear mirror and move in a constant pace.fuck them.

  5. Double parking. The second worst type are those that when they know you want to come out, but still take their time to finish their stuff before moving the car.The WORST of the lot are those who will stare kau kau at you before moving their car, as if it’s your fault they had to park there.

  6. pokai: bicycle in malaysia is just not feasible.
    bimbo: this is malaysian way of life. as a road warrior, i seen and done enuff of all these things you said… tailgating, jump queue, beat the yellow (while singing Coldplay’s Yellow) etc etc. If you hate it when people do to you, then you do it back to them. What goes around comes around. Haha. The thing i hate most is the indicator signal. We wait for the car to pass before taking a turn and it just turn away to the direction you wanna go without indicating. Thats the worst you can get.

  7. cnigel: gangster!
    electronicfly: ya!!!!!!!!
    insomnia: midnight racing ah? ;P
    pokai & karheng: i wish. not safe with these drivers around ;P
    endroo: aahh, that’s the word, indicator. was thinking why ‘signal light’ sounded weird ;P

  8. hahaha…bicycle nearby go kopitiam or kedai runcit ok laa….but need basket if go kedai runcit. Maybe I should just get those aunty bicycle. Actually those are damn nice to cycle u know! Go basket in front and clip at the back. Mwahahahahaa…
    Actually i have done worse endroo. Eh Yellow light means drive faster la….Try driving against traffic. hehe…That one quite kan cheong…ROFL! U meet a lot of horny people and flashers..=P

  9. sometimes motor even drive in the middle…wanna cut him also cant…dammit….like he’s motor is a tank or benz…..or even lamborghini….so tiny little steel wanna take the whole lane meh?
    i hate auntie that take so long to parking…girls then nvm…..XD

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