Platonic love…

A friend asked me whether or not a man would love a woman without kisses and sex but only hold hands and hug throughout the whole relationship? For me, I am not St. Valentino. I do not believe in platonic love; there must at least be kisses…^^

10 thoughts on “Platonic love…”

  1. I’m not targeting anyone specifically lar but siow eh, your fren brain spoil d lar. Sex can don’t have lar if either or both got AIDS or some sort of STD. But still got to kiss rite? If not, how to release “tension” ?????Crap………………….:Þ

  2. i personally think that platonic relationship can be archive. but maybe around the early secondary years?

  3. lol.i usually kiss the girl to find out whether she likes me or not, so that rules me out of that group of only-hold-hands-and-hug-no-kisses-and-sex people.

  4. SEX is GOOD Exercise man…It’s burns more calories than a normal session of Jogging because it’s a bit like swimming…u use your whole body…plus it’s MORE exciting too!

  5. ya.. dude u need sex =] kisses… lead to sex.. hehehe ^^vwho can live without it o.O=p i know i wouldn’t be able to.. hehehe πŸ˜€ and like others have said.. its good exercise πŸ˜€ and at the same time u get pleasure.. hopefully for both parties πŸ˜€

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