fixing a brokenn heartttt

I am nursing a broken heart.

He broke my heart. He, the motherfucker, who cause deep scratches to my….


Arghhh, my boootiful car!! The motherfucker that I was referring to was the mechanic who left my car on the side of the road after servicing it. I am not gay if you didn�t know that.

He and another colleague of his gave me some cock explanation, saying that it was not their fault and it was there all the time. I, of course, was very sure that it was not there for this couple of days.

/me stabs stupid mechanic.

If only I could!!

Being in bailor/bailee relationship, the workshop bears full responsibility and the burden of proving that they�re not at fault, if anything happens to the car.

However, I did not pursue further, I screwed them and ordered them to leave. I shall not make a fuss of it on such small issue. /me stabs stupid mechanic again.

6 thoughts on “fixing a brokenn heartttt”

  1. haiseh…u lawyer people talk about these technical stuff..these mekanik all won’t care one la…malaysia man…if u in Australia or Uk then lain cerita laa….hahaha or not means u use the words… U wan me SUE Ur Company? maybe willl work…*Hmmm*

  2. yeah la ahbengs mana tau law. all they know is, my gang is in the workshop, fark with me and u’ll be drinking oil the entire night

  3. Mechanics are shit. They rip u off thinking u know nuts about cars. But when u start shootting them with all da bombastic words, they also start giving u their high cost and even higher discounts.and i also think u better see a shrink about that homo – phobia of yours. It’s eating u up.I mean think about this, next time if a client so farking rich he’ll juz pay u like big bucks for something you’re already doing except that he’s gay, then wat would you do huh? Tell me wat would you do ????*plays song*I’m gonna fuck u in the ass, i’m gonna fuck u in the ass.:Þ

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