Remembering Your First Love

[note: FB stories will continue another time. ;D]
They say that you’ll never forget your first love, he or she will forever be imprinted in your memories. I have no trouble accepting that for a fact that one usually would remember his or her first in everything: first job, first relationship, etc.
However, I am rather perturbed to find myself waking up in the morning and realising that I just dreamt about my ex-boyfriend. It makes me feel really guilty, I tell you. Here I am, blissfully ‘attached’ and dreaming such lovely dreams about my boyfriend, but only to realise, “Hang on. That’s not my boyfriend hugging me. It’s ex-boyfriend #1.”
TWICE it happened.
For the life of me, I don’t know what’s that supposed to mean!
Just last week I confided my friend and he rubbed his chin (like frank_omatic loves to do) and together we pondered.
“Do you think I need closure, maybe?” I asked.
“I don’t even consciously think about him!” I remarked.
I hope it’s not considered CHEATING to unintentionally dream about an ex-boyfriend.
Any dream readers out there?

9 thoughts on “Remembering Your First Love”

  1. Maybe you had good intimate pleasure with him that you’re not getting with your current bf??? hehehe

  2. Low: good one. i can’t find the dvd, haven’t watched it, argh!
    AYC: i also dunno! he doesn’t talk to me anymore, so i don’t really care. but really don’t want to dream about him.
    Visitor: “next pls”? i din take number to queue also! ;D
    karheng: hmmmmm……. current one is much more romantic, etc than the ex-bfs, actually 😉

  3. I guess most people’s 1s love was when we were innocent, when it was just pure emotion (or hormones) with nothing attached, hence the more vivid memories, intentional or not.

  4. i think that’s why….he’s too romantic already then the romantic intimateness becomes less special…those less romantic one, when suddenly be romantic….becomes …special…:)
    Wait wait…when u say romantic…….does it mean…good in bed? MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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