Unique Advertisements in Malaysia – Part IV

Ogawa Chair – placed outdoor! Dont be surprised if you see a report on how thieves dragged the chair out from the display using a lorry šŸ˜›

Mosquito repellent billboard on the left and their product on the right.

Huge Laptop. I love gigantic sized products šŸ˜€

One of many Digi’s (Malaysian telecommunication company) below the line advertisements. They wrapped these rickshaws in Melaka with their advertising materials, made the cyclist wear their yellow t-shirt and blast their theme song, “I will follow you” in all sorts of dance remix.

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8 thoughts on “Unique Advertisements in Malaysia – Part IV”

  1. Hey Xes,
    Do you mind to send me pictures of the Ogawa Ambience ad and Ridsect ambient ad?
    I need to do a presentation on Support Mediums.
    If not,could you tell me where you took the pictures?

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