Renewed IC

Check this video out. It’s darn funny 😀 (Size: 800K++)

And I wanna watch Infernal Affair 3!!

Johnson, Don, Samantha and I went to Salak South, a war zone area with roads that has potholes as big as meteorite craters. The queue was pretty short as compared to the Identity card (“IC”) renewal place in PJ. And fortunately, we were the last 4 to get the forms cause the counter limits the people for a day. A form with a number is given to us to fill in and hand it back to the lady. Due to the long queue (!! It’s not long at all, it took us about 15 minutes to line up for the form), a lady decided to cut queue and got herself shit loads of forms. However, her form wasn’t numbered hence she wasn’t given an appointment to renew her IC. Serve her right, kiasu fucker. Haha.

Our appointment was set at 3PM so we headed back home for a short nap. The application was finish by 4PM. We had to take a photo and scan our thumbprint. I heard that our photo would look distorted cause somehow they IC would stretch our face horizontally.

The new IC could store our driver’s license, medical record, act as an ATM card and so on. Although it might sound convenient, I think it would be a security risk to all of us.

Read TV Smith’s commentary about the new IC.

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  1. no ar…last time I went at 1.45pm to queue outside the place. Its second session is at 2pm I think. Just queue up before the door opens & u’ll b fine. =’)

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