Reunion dinner @ mamak!

Guess where I had my reunion dinner? Obviously not Hard Cock café, not Esquire Kitchen (it was closed) and not 6 Happiness Restaurant (our backup plan in case Esquire Kitchen is close). We tried many other restaurants but most of them were either closed or full house.

So in the end, Dad, Mum and I were forced to have our reunion dinner at a mamak stall.


17 thoughts on “Reunion dinner @ mamak!”

  1. i had my dinner at home.. i cooked… 5-course dinner for 3 ppl.. hahhhahah.. ehh ur tortoise pic damn cute lr. hahhhha

  2. pikey: ekke what ot do forced to 😀 where uhad ur reunion dinner?sow:yeah true! 😀 terjin: gong xi gong xi, mmm no le, never balik kampung, kena disowned by family already ehelynnlynn: well said! “Dgguni: happy new year! fred: ahhHahaha i would rather have mcD than eating at that crappy place yesteradayfr0stie wahlao so nice.. what did u had?melhai: mahai turtle fucker!! penispup: turtle cause it looks like u mah 😀 kekek

  3. lolthis is the first time i’ve heard of someone eating their reunion dinner in a mamak!:) Happy Chinese New Year!!

  4. xes – poor u…i will ONLY eat chinese food on cny becos i want to be smell all chinese smell…i cant tried other food..heheI guess I am traditional chinese woman..

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