HaVe a pRospeROuS ChiNEse NeW YEar eVEryBOdy!


Boss strolls out of his office… looks at me funny… and says, “Eh aren’t you on leave?? Why never apply leave??”

But but but.. . . .


I could have gone shopping for my new year clothes today – yes, I know it is very last minute but no, I already got some new starchies but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to get new ones. So little time!!! I reckon most shops will be closed by the time I get out of the office, but let?s just see my luck.

With Chinese New Year, comes the Yee Sang (which is a very Malaysian thing, I heard) where we will miss Kim’s presence even more coz whenever we start to ‘lou’ (mix?) the yee sang with chopsticks, she tends to get a little bit too enthusiastic. By the time we are all done, we have to pick out the bits and pieces of salad from our hair and clothes. 😀

Chen is on the road back to his kampung as I type this and sigh, miss him already. He will be away for so long? Ok maybe just 4 days but that would be the longest time away from him in a really long time! 🙁 Hope he remembers he has girl back here in KL.. (yoohoo! Dear?? *waves arms a bit*)

Ok since he isn?t around, I shall take advantage of that to blog about him. 😀

Today would be our 8th month together but it feels much longer though. 8 months together and not once has he opened a door for me. 😛 It?s a familiar scene ? swing open, he walks out, swings close and with me staring at the closed door or attempting to catch the closing door. 😛 And that?s coz we are so comfortable together already – so what for?, he thinks. HE thinks, mind you. But of course, with those 8 months, I have gotten used to that? I merely assumed that he would get to the gentlemanly traits a little later into the relationship. I am still waiting though. 🙂 And yet, the absence of that trait has actually become quite charming in the individualistic sorta way…

Alrites, should find something to do and look busy in the office, before they start to find things for me to do. So before I end this post – Everybody, HAVE A HAPPY GLORIOUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

5 thoughts on “HaVe a pRospeROuS ChiNEse NeW YEar eVEryBOdy!”

  1. Paul’s gone to Penang for 4 days. :(I hope HE remembers he has a girl here in KL as well.*waves her hand abit with Dee* 🙁

  2. hmm..my guy opens every door for me and i think its a bit awkward..we’re on our one year anniversary and yet he still open doors, let me be the one to walk in every single time. kinda sweet..didnt notice it till u pointed it out…hmmm…wish u all the best girl

  3. I’ll side the guy on this one. Once a door has been opened up, the same door has to be shut by the same person. lol.

  4. I alwiz open the door for my girl but she finds it weird and too formal so i stopped making her feel uncomfortable.Anyway, Happy CHinese New Year Wen Deeeeeeeeeeeeee

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