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It is quite common for law firms in the United States and United Kingdom to have their own blogs. In those blogs, they usually would post entries on latest development of the law. Most of the time, its quite impersonal and serious.

Recently, fellow lawyer Richard Wee and Sunil Lopez joined forces to set up Messrs. Richard Wee Lopez. They have also established a blog at – perhaps one of the first law firms in Malaysia to have a blog. Congrats to Richard and Sunil and welcome to the blogosphere.
On another note, I will be giving a talk at eLawyer Law Conference 2009 which will be held at the Law Faculty University Malaya some time in March. Most likely I will be talking about Blogging and Intellectual Property law. Watch this space!

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  1. Hey Cheng Leong
    Thanks for Blogging about out new Blog. Sunil and I are still new at this. Though i have my own Blog, but blogging on Law can be tricky and we have to be a little careful. Though the Blog is meant to be a casual discussion on issues related to Laws, we are concerned that people may take our Blog as an ‘advise’. You know what I mean-lah.
    Anyway, thanks again.. and Happy New Year to you bro!
    richard wee

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