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Those living in Klang Valley will know how bad the crime rates  are. Everyday someone is a victim of crime in Malaysia. Everyday, we live in fear. Everyday I worry when it will be my turn.

If you’ve been following Facebook / Twitter recently, you’ll see a spate of updates on street crimes. Some are caught on CCTV. Some of the victim’s injuries are posted. The days are so bad that my mother stop going out at night due to the fear of being a victim of crime.

Pictures speak a thousand words. The pictures below were all taken from Facebook.

To me, it is undeniable that crime rates are high. Unfortunately, our Home Minister said that the rising crime rate is a matter of perception. It looks like we, as citizens of Malaysia, are left to fend for ourselves.

My friends, Richard Wee and Yip Huen Weng, have taken this matter in their own hands by forming SaferMalaysia, a citizen’s protect which focuses on issues of security and safety of the citizens of the country. For details, please see below:


We are the representatives from Safer Malaysia and are writing to you for your assistance in our effort to make Malaysia a safer place.

Safer Malaysia is a citizens’ project, which focuses on issues of security and safety of the citizens of the country. It is a platform for people to CONNECT, to SHARE their concerns about crime and to COMMUNICATE with each other. Safer Malaysia is also a platform for concern citizens to COMMUNICATE our thoughts and offer suggestions and solutions to the government in the matter of crime. Safer Malaysia also hopes to CO-OPERATE with the relevant authorities to find ways to make Malaysia a safer place for everyone.We append links to our articles, interviews and announcements:-

i. LoyarBurok –
– This is our principle plans at the moment

ii. BFM Radio –
– Safer Malaysia was interviewed on 25th June 2012

iii. Malaysian Insider –

iv. Malaysia Kini –

v.  Website –

At the moment, Safer Malaysia has more than 400 followers on Facebook and more than 350 followers on Twitter. Safer Malaysia started on 11th June 2012.

Safer Malaysia will host a candlelight vigil on 1st August 2012 at Bandar Utama Central Park at 9.00pm. We also strongly encourage all Malaysians to light a candle on that date and time wherever they may be and snap a photo of the same before uploading it to Facebook and Twitter. Our links for Facebook and Twitter are the following:-

i. Facebook –

ii. Twitter – truly hope your company can assist us in the sharing of this news, as this is a citizens’ issue, which concerns all Malaysians.

For avoidance of doubt, Safer Malaysia is initiated by two gentlemen, Richard Wee and Yip Huen Weng, who are both residing in the Klang Valley and both very concern for the safety of their family and friends. They may be contacted at 016-2750025 and 012-3111580, respectively.

I hope that you will take part in the candlelight vigil.

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