scenario 1:
a group of friends are sitting together over a cup of coffee. everyone’s laughing and chatting. you notice one of the girls in the group shooting you dirty looks, kind of bitchy. you pretend you didn’t notice. and as your guy friend (or boyfriend) drives you home, you bring it to their attention. “did you notice just now that girl, AhLianForever gave me a dirty look when we were talking about blah blah…? i mean, what the hell is her problem??” you complain.
“ya, man! i saw! what the hell was her problem?” your girl friend sitting in the backseat of the car confirms your suspicion.
“no la, you’re just being sensitive! i don’t think she was being bitchy. so SENSITIVE la, you girls.” the MAN says.
*** ever get that? come on, we’ve got super instincts, we CAN TELL. ;P
scenario 2:
after dinner with the boyfriend, he sends you home. you call him before you sleep, he’s too moody to make conversation. you let it go.
the next day, he doesn’t call like he usually does. so you call him, and he is still reluctant to chat like he’s got a carrot up his ass. you ask him what’s wrong. he says nothing. you ask him what did you do. he sighs. and then he tells you.
“you know, i feel like you’re taking me for granted. like that night.”
“huh? what did i do?” you’re confused.
“you didn’t kiss me goodnight. you didn’t even say “love you” when you said bye…. you just said “goodnite” like i was one of your friends …. “ he tells you.
*** oh my goodness. guys can be sensitive too. ya, the ‘macho’ type of sensitive. metrosexual. new age kind of guy. ;P

13 thoughts on “sensitive”

  1. Na i don’t think that Metrosexual guys are like that. Metrosexuality means “men who understand how to care for their outlook”. Sulking to not getting goodnight kisses should be a no-no. Men should have more integrity.

  2. once a while i get scenario 2…… it’s like they have their own PMS yo…..
    Guys…..but why!!?!????!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?? doesnt kiss u good bye doesnt mean we dun luff u anymore..????

  3. wolfx: waaahhh… see irenekay’s comment. ;P
    yVONnest: ya, i can’t stand guys merajuk ;P
    karheng: sorry laaaaa. my mistake ;P
    irenekay: tell me bout it. just forget once sure kena! ;P
    pikey: eh. the 1st scenario – girls got great instincts la! ;P

  4. Haha…yeahla. Guy who sulk for no goodnight kiss is a pussy. 😛
    Maybe he acting manja…..yer….quite pussy la now that i think of it. Hahaha!

  5. i got one who merajuk cos i didn’t say thank you immediately, for carrying my shopping bags. refused to have dinner with me after that.

  6. You all should break up with your boyfriends and go out with someone macho…..
    like me. I won’t sulk. Promise. 😉
    (worse come to worse slap u into submission only….kekekeke….jkjkjkjkjk *runs away*)

  7. scene 1: no prob with it, ya we normally concentrate on chatting than noticing dirty looks, we dont have that kind radar installed in our systems.
    scene 2: guys whos sulk for kiss doesnt deserved to be called macho at the first place. those F**king pussies need to stuck their head into drainage holes.

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