Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday

My faithful phone of 2 years, has finally gave in. The screen is now totally blank. I can’t read text messages or even recheck the number I dialled. And it even resulted to this,
Hello, hai pin tou?? (Where are you in Cantonese)
hello bzz bzz ffderhjwhjew (sound of a distorted line)
hey the reception is damn bad
(other party slams down the phone, I redialled)
?hai pin tou?? (where are you?)
(other party mumbles)
Hello Wai Keong hai tou mou?? (Is Wai Keong there?)
Wai Keong ah? Sei joor la! (Wai Keong? He’s dead!)
(other party slams down the phone again)

Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday
Finally, the long awaited rave, the Sepang F1 Circuit rave, has come. The preparation for it was a hectic one, loads of waiting and travelling. I had to carry the booze we bought yesterday (1 carton of beer, 1 bottle of vodka and 1 bottle of Bacardi Lemon) and borrow a Coleman from Jin Han to store our booze and ice.

I fetched Chin, jo5 and Justine to the rave. In return, Chin offered to pay all the toll charges. It cost him dearly.

For the first time, the security was tight. A body and bag check up is required. Cameras are not allowed (it could be a bomb?). I had to forgo my intention of bringing my camera in. However, we decided to smuggle it in. All we did was just standing next to an empty corner of the fence and pass it to the person standing on the other side.

The parking from the entrance was far. We had to walk for damn long to entrance. Chi, jo5 and Justine had to make 2 trips from the car to the entrance because the security refused to let them bring their camera in.

We were greeted with a huge area with white tents perched to sell tickets. KENT clubbers (KCC, that includes me) ticket holders had to line up to validate their tickets with their KENT clubbers card, identity and a packet of cigarettes (!??). Since I?m not a smoker, I had to borrow a cigarette and puff it in front of the KENT staff. It worked. I got my ticket validated!

While everybody was patiently queuing on the KCC ticket booth, the On-door ticket sale counter was virtually deserted. Malaysians are stingy to the max.

We bought too much drinks until we thought of opening our own stall in the car park to sell them away.

We were too pissed to finish all of them. We even had to give our beers away to Eishin to finish it. Boy, he surely drinks like a fish.

The place was huge, so huge that there?s enough space for everyone. Melbourne shufflers gather on the edge of the dance floor to shuffle. It?s amazing how the popularity of Melbourne Shuffle is resurrected once again. It was dead for couple of months and now it seems that it?s back on the dance floor again. Now even Malay ravers could shuffle. Yit Meng and I spoke to one of them. He seemed pretty friendly but all we did was just an exchange of name and smiles.

There were 2 main areas, area 6 and area 9. Each of them resembles a huge white tent and has rough cement floor (shuffling was hard). Big international DJS such as Sasha, John Acquaviva and Space DJs were the main attraction. However, I spent most of my time running around looking for my friends than dancing. It?s amazing how a person could disappear in a crowd within seconds.

Some of my friends left early. Hen was sick while the others were too tired. All that was left were Ping Sheong, the girls and I. We took break from the dance floor and boozed in the car park for an hour. But yet we still couldn?t finish everything.

We left the place as soon as the rave closes down at 6am. Driving back was chaotic and hectic as my body were on the verge of shutting down. Thank god we got home in one piece.