gym and pasar malam

Hen, Wai Keong and I went to a gym at Kuchai Lama. It was my first time to a gym and obviously I had no idea how to use all the equipments. Hen taught us couple of sets to follow. WK and I worked our arms out to finish the sets and by the end of the day, we could barely move our arms. Hen on the other hand was steady all the way. It seems that he works out frequently. We started out with some weight lifting while lying on a bench. We added more weight as we progressed. Hen was forcing us to continue lifting it even though our arms were shaking and trembling. According to him, if we stop halfway, our strength will not increase.

The KENT Sepang F1 rave is 2 days away. The tickets price ranges from RM40 to RM80 and obviously all of us were aiming to get the RM40 tickets. However, the RM40 ticket is only available to KENT clubbers member and since they refused to renew my card, my friends and I planned for hours to deceit our way into getting the RM40 tickets. We planned for few hours for our ultimate plan. I drove down to Bangsar with Hen and Ping Sheong with our ultimate plan. Hen planned to use Jin Han’s card with Jin Han’s identity card while I use Ping Sheong’s card (the problem is that Ping Sheong already used his card once)

Hen’s plan worked! The girl selling the tickets did not suspect anything even though there was a clear distinction between the photos on the identity card with Hen. However, Ping Sheong could get tickets for me. The girl knew that he reused the card (she scanned it first) and therefore refuses to issue a ticket for him. I was disappointed with our failure and planned to buy the RM60 ticket but decided to use my old KENT clubbers card as a last resort. It worked! But I had to lie in order to get the ticket. I had to fill up a new application form and state in the form that I am a smoker (I’m not a smoker). Our hours of planning were down the drain, none of our intended plans were used.

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