Sex or Soccer

Recently, FIFA president, Sepp Blatter told the press that ” Let the Women (footballers) play in more feminine clothing…They could for example, have tighter shorts.”

what do the women footballer think?
Lisa Klaveness (Norway): “If the crowd wanted to see models, they should buy a copy of Playboy.”

Kara Lang (Canada): “I would love to see Sepp Blatter wearing hot pants.”

Pretty face is everything?
Seriously, I think players with pretty faces and hot bodies really help the clubs to gain more fans, fame and of cause money. For instance, when Man Utd sold pretty boy, Beckham, they bought baby face Christiano Ronaldo to replace Beckham as the latest Pin up boy for Old Trafford. Although the real reason behind the purchase is because of his skill, the girls seem to pay more attention to his smile and sexy body. I might sound rather sexist when I say that but guys are the same too. This reminds me of one China Beer Commercial i saw on Satellite TV, 2 years ago.

The commercial started with two bored guys watching Women World Cup Final between USA and another team on TV. When the final whistle went, the two guys sat up straight with their faces sticking to the TV BECAUSE the USA players were taking off their jersey! They were running around the field with only their SPORT BRA on to celebrate their victory. Now you say that it is just a TV commercial, it is not true. You might say that ” I watch sport because it is exciting ” Well, all those macho talks go down the drain when Anna Kournikova comes on the tennis court. They will go like “Wow, I can see her panty” or “Anna is sitting down now! Aiya, why she put that big towel on her lap lar!”…Sound like someone you know?

Blogger A: Frank, you are also like that lar. Don’t say other people lar. You fucking hypocrite!
Frank: I am only human lar!

3 thoughts on “Sex or Soccer”

  1. I still don’t think Christiano Ronaldo is hot. Thought quite admittedly, I do watch Pires and Cassilas and Raoul, and Figo, and Smith..and.I forget their names. Heh. 😀 but Gah. I’m against the whole women wearing tighter clothes. It’s sports, dammit. Not a freaking Hugh Hafner (Whats his name again?!) soccer game.

  2. Kim: Pires, Cassilas and Raul…hahahha…i think they are on top of the girl’s wish list.Mie: Mini skirt footballer?Are they shooting a porn movie?

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