Sin Seng Nam Restaurant @ Lebuh Pasar Besar, Kuala Lumpur

[As of 28 February 2013, Sin Seng Nam is closed indefinitely]

Recently I’ve been eating at this coffee shop before going to court. It serves really great toasted bread with kaya (pandan paste) and butter and also yummy breakfast set!!

It’s also very popular among lawyers as it is located opposite the Malaysian Bar Council.

Other than their toast bread, their Hainanese chicken rice and pork chop are excellent.

The block of shophouses in which Sin Seng Nam Restaurant is located was built around 1906. In Sin Seng Nam Restaurant, pictures of the old Kuala Lumpur hang along the walls of Sing Seng Nam Restaurant. It’s an interesting sight.


Their service is sometimes quite terrible. I have, on couple of occasions, got screwed by the Indonesian waiters.

Me: Eh, Ada butter tak? (Do you have butter?)
Woman: Mengapa tadi tak cakap??? (Why didnt you ask for it just now?)
(walks off)

I thought she would come back with butter, but 10 mins later…no sign of my butter..fugger..

However, complaining to the boss would be of no use at all because the boss is worst than them…

Chuo Ming overheard a conversation between the boss and a Caucasian tourist.

Tourist: Hi..what does this say in the menu?
Boss: Read it yourself. I got no time to explain to you. If you dont like it, go to another restaurant.


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15 thoughts on “Sin Seng Nam Restaurant @ Lebuh Pasar Besar, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. typical scenario of a lot of sucessful busy coffe shops.They know they are good so they won’t have to treat you like how a customer should be treated.Sometimes you end up serving yourself, your friends and the table next to you.

  2. frostie: wat if the taukeh replied “u want see chinese chopping knife and chopping skills?” How?

  3. fr0stie: dowan la. these kind of ppl surely gangster one hehe
    darren: unfortunately, we cant sue for bad services..hehe
    Joyce: yes yes..jual mahal like u heheh
    julz: yesyes 🙁 there’s this coffeeshop near my office where i have to serve myself and my friends! i hate that bloody place.
    sarah: im not that siew hei as u!!! hehe for good food, ill do anything!!
    techkie: yes yes, very the pah pai

  4. seriously, seng nam is overrated. I think the food is not good at all. The chicken rice so-so, but the chicken chop NOT good, and that’s suppose to be their specialty and average waiting time is approximately 20 minutes. Moreover service is bad. Except there is no where else better to eat. So, what to do!

  5. Bar AGM declared illegal because there was insufficient quorum to conduct the meeting/election. Wonder if there is gonna be a re-election. Though I highly doubt so.

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