Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea @ Imbi Market

For the past few years, I read numerous articles about Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea (阿荣哥海南茶档) – on how great the place is. So last Monday, I made a trip to Ah Weng Koh for breakfast. My usual breakfast Yut Kee is closed on Monday hence it gave me an opportunity to explore other kopitiams.

Finding the place was a task. I’ve no idea where Imbi Market is and my Google Map wasn’t of much help. After going round and round for half an hour, I found the bloody market – only to find it is closed. NIAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

After complaining on Facebook, someone told me that Monday is usually a day off for Hainanese.

Not wanting to give up, I made another trip to Ah Weng Koh for breakfast on the next day. It was open!

Ah Weng Koh is actually a small hawker stall which shares a common area with other stalls. Finding a place to sit was quite easy. I found a spot right in front of the stall.

I ordered Hainanese coffee, toasted bread and half boiled eggs.

Coffee came in a big mug. Very aromatic and not too sweet.

My toasted polo buns – slapped with a generous amount of kaya and also a cold slice of butter. Very tasty but fattening. The outer layer was crunchy whereas the inner layer was soft!

Next contender! Half boiled eggs in a stainless steal mug with hot water inside! Had to wait for a while for my half boiled eggs to get cooked!

It was a little bit difficult to eat the half boiled egg as the heat of the egg was burning my fingers. It tasted too as well, comparable with my other favourite half boiled egg places namely Yut Kee, Pappa Rich and Village Park.

The only downside off this place is the heat. Ventilation is poor and there is no fan to cool you down. I was sweating like a pig there.

Imbi Market is just a few metres away from Pasar Rakyat. Parking space is ample. You may park by the roadside or pay RM2 for private parking.


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Pusmore Fitness Centre

Climbing buddy, Tetek Soon and his friend, Jonathan started a gym by the name Pushmore early this year. It’s no ordinary gym – here you won’t find the ordinary gym machines.

Tetek Soon
On Saturday, Yaacob, Cris and I took up the challenge. We started off with some mild warming up e.g. squats and rope skips. We had also the opportunity to play with kettlebells, some sort of weight that is shaped like a cannon with a handle. Holding and using a kettlebell requires certain guidance. And it’s bloody heavy.

Medicine balls.
After our warming up session, we tried their workout of the day (WOD). Everyday Soon and Jonathan will come up with a new workout to kill us. On Saturday, we had to pair up and go through 10 minutes of tyre flipping and PushBreast (pushing 2 kettlebells up in the air).


Soon – check out the muscles.
After 10 minutes, I almost died. And for 2 days, I felt like I got run over by a truck. Another friend said he couldn’t eat for 2 days.
AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to get there again!
Pushmore is having a promotion for first timers – first timers get to try out for free. Just bring a pair of sneakers. Their workout of the day is posted on their website and blog. The workout usually last less than 1 hour.

If you’re a fat ass and needs to lose loads of pounds, Pushmore is the right place for you.
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Dancing in the streets

Credits to the Star Online
Source: The Star Online – Dancing in the streets


BY ABOUT 5pm every Saturday, the open space outside Maybank at the Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail intersection in Kuala Lumpur becomes the venue for a huge outdoor party. Teenagers just turn up from everywhere, with music blaring from portable speakers hooked up to their MP3 players and cellphones.

They would slowly find members of their crew, and start to chat and catch up. But many of them have a different purpose for meeting up.

Hidden identities: This group of shufflers came ready with their masks last Saturday, which are worn during dance-offs with shufflers from other groups.

Johnson Lau, 18, has been taking the train there every Saturday from his home in Sentul. Five months ago, he discovered something there that has become a passion – shuffle dancing.

Shuffling is now more than just a hip dance move. It’s a movement. Almost every state in Malaysia now has a shuffling community, and the shufflers are hardcore. They participate in huge events and competitions, and some of them are sponsored by big brands like Hotlink and DiGi.

They take their moves seriously, working hard to elevate it to more than just a dance. It is now a legit street culture with a massive following among teenagers.

At Jalan Bukit Bintang, around five to 10 shuffle groups come each week to create their own dance floor by gathering together in a small circle. Cheering and jeering each other, they take turns showing off dance moves to music from their little portable speakers.

“I think it’s fun,” Johnson said about their weekly gatherings. “I love to shuffle because it helps me to relax, and every time I dance it seems like I have an escape from all my troubles.”

Showing support: These kids are wearing shirts bearing the logos of their shuffle group.

Fellow shuffler Mohammad Nazlee Abas, aka Katong, used to be a DJ and b-boy before he found shuffling. Now he’s already a semi-pro, and a well-known name on the shuffle circuit. Katong is part of a group called the Underground Shuffle Squad, or USS; and claims it is sponsored by a big corporation to enter shuffle competitions.

But at these weekend gatherings, teams like USS and Johnson’s group, Hardstyle Republic, often challenge each other to what they call “full battles”, something like a dance-off. And apparently, they get pretty serious.

“We have a ritual, where the loser – the one who can’t match the other person’s moves, or runs out of ideas – has to give up the shirt he’s wearing (which usually bears the logo of the team), and the winner will have to burn it,” said Katong.

And they really do burn them. Right on the pavement, in probably the most crowded intersection in KL. Even more bizarre is the practice of wearing masks while going into dance battles.

“Sometimes we wear these masks to conceal our identities when we dance-off. That way only after the battle is over will we know which groups our opponent actually belonged to,” Katong, 20, said.
He added that the weekly gatherings at Bukit Bintang aren’t that big compared to the events and competitions they go to. Sometimes they meet at Taman Titiwangsa where hundreds of them come in their pimped out rides to shuffle, with music pumping from their car stereos.
The shufflers are not the only ones at the Bukit Bintang pavement. Hardcore metal heads and rockers also gather here on Saturday evenings, and they aren’t too impressed by what they see from the shufflers.

Join the party: The crowd, a mix of shufflers and rockers, in the Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur on Satuday.

It’s easy to tell the two groups apart. The shufflers have a more hip-hop style, with baggy T-shirts and pants with reflective strips that make their moves flashier. The rockers sport dark colours, have multiple piercing on their faces and have punk-ish hairstyles. To some of them, the shufflers seem like hip-hop posers, and they find their dance moves silly.

When asked about the rockers, Johnson simply said that he “doesn’t want to cause trouble”, so he and his group leave when the most hardcore of rockers and mat rempit guys come in later around 10pm.
Rocker Mohammad Alif Fitri, 23, known as Slay, however, prefers a more understanding approach to his shuffling peers.

“I don’t mind them, really. They should do whatever they want as long as they’re enjoying themselves. I think it’s better to just make friends,” said the well-mannered rocker.

Slay first started getting into rock/metal culture when he was 13, after being introduced to heavy metal music and other hardcore rock genres.
“At first it was just the music, but when I was in Form Three, I started to pick up the fashion too. Surprisingly, the teachers were alright with it! Even now my boss doesn’t mind, because I still do my job properly,” he said.

Nevertheless, Slay feels that some people still misunderstand and judge them based on their appearances. Even his parents found it hard to accept his clothes and piercings at first, but now they have slowly realised that rock is part of his “jiwa” (soul) and that there was no point dissuading him anymore.

According to Slay, all the rockers do every week is hang out and meet other people like them. And sometimes at “events” like concerts or gatherings, other rocker communities from other parts of the Klang Valley like Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya will join in.
“Actually it’s just a social circle. We meet up to talk about the latest rock trends, dressing styles, discuss music, and just hang out. We don’t cause any trouble, so usually the security guards and police don’t chase us away or anything. It’s just a hobby and fashion style,” he added.

But in spite of what they say, when such a large number of rowdy young kids gathers together in what is essentially a display of machismo, trouble is bound to flare up particularly between the shuffle groups who are there for some “friendly” competition.

Last Saturday, things started to simmer when one or two minor scuffles broke out. Some of the kids fled, sensing things were about to get ugly. Soon enough, just as it was getting dark, a mob of around 20 angry teenagers were seen dragging a guy into a back alley. The others on the street – the youths, tourists, security guards – just watched in silence.

And this was literally seconds after a security guard assured us that the rockers and shufflers almost never caused trouble.

The security personnel hired by the management of private buildings around the area have no jurisdiction to disperse this youth crowd, or to take action against them if they misbehave.

Or perhaps it’s just more convenient for them to take that approach because handling the mob of over a hundred youngsters must be daunting.

“People think they don’t cause trouble, but that’s because they don’t want to be responsible. So they pretend nothing happens. But the truth is, these guys get into fights pretty often.

“Anyway, there’s a police booth right across the street,” said one of the guards there.

The police booth is only a few metres away with a clear view of the pavement.

“All we can do here is patrol the area,” said one of the three policemen who went to check out the scene. “We chase them away sometimes, but they always come back after a few minutes anyway.

“They fight all the time, almost every week. But we can’t do much about it. There’re so many of them, and so few of us. We can’t be watching them all the time,” he said.

After saying that, the policemen proceeded to clear the area, slowly walking around the pavement shooing the kids off. Within five minutes, not a single shuffler or rocker was to be seen.

All that was left was an empty pavement, with barely a trace of the huge celebration of teen culture and passion that was in full swing just minutes ago.

But they were still around, hanging out somewhere in the Golden Triangle just waiting for the right time to reappear and continue partying the night away.

My 2 cents
What the crap is happening to the Melbourne Shuffle in Malaysia? Why are there clans for shuffling groups?? It’s not Counter strike man!!!
Gone were the days when the Melbourne Shuffle was done exclusively by a small group of clubbers. I don’t know whether it’s because of the way Melbourne Shuffle was portrayed in the above article or it has really gone down the drain.

Ok, I better shaddap before I get beaten up on the streets.

Celine Dion @ Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur – 13.4.2008

I managed to catch the Diva on stage, on a RM1000 seat – courtesy of A. Despite being on a RM1000 chair, Celine Dion was 5 inches tall. I bet those who had the RM200 ticket could only see a 5mm tall Celine Dion.

I boasted to my friend that my RM1000 would be close enough to smell Celine Dion. However, there was another section in front of us reserved for VVIP. Damn, now they know how Celine Dion smells like.

It rained heavily before the concert hence the weather was cooling. However, our seats were located on grass and everything was wet. Insects were flying around too. One dragonfly almost crashed onto my face.

The show was scheduled to start at 8pm but it only started around 9pm because we had to wait for Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong to arrive. Deputy Prime Minister and wife and also Tun Dr Mahathir and wife were present as well – in a yellow box far away from the stage.
As soon as the Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong arrive, Celine Dion appeared on stage and started singing all her best known hits. The concert lasted for around 2 hours with uncountable songs being sung. I heard that Fat Kingston (Sean Kingston), who had a concert a day before, was an hour late and sung only 3 songs.
Celine Dion was amazingly good. She sound exactly like her songs from the CDs. She ended her concert with Malaysia’s all time favourite, the bloody Titanic song.

There was a huge commotion when Tun Dr Mahathir and wife left the stadium. Many were rushing towards Tun Dr Mahathir to shake his hands and people started pushing and shoving until his body guard had to make way for him.

Spot Tun Mahathir and wife!
Lady’s Voice: TUN!!! WE LOVE YOUU!!!!!!!!!!
Crowd: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Diamonds & Pearls ft. DJ Anatta @ 7atenine – 22.3.2008

As part of the F1 party series, aunty DJ Anatta played an awesome set at 7atenine.

7atenine is a…well it’s hard to explain. It serves food – al fresco dining with Asian and Western cuisine. It also has a DJ console and small dance floor. It’s owned by the husband and wife team who also owns Souled Out and Café WIP in Kuala Lumpur.
The interior is excellent and has great view of the Petronas Towers. Music is not too loud, great place to chat. Drinks are reasonably priced too.

[Pictures courtesy of Sow]
Cris, Sow, Melvin, ivN, Eric and I went on ground to give our support to DJ Anatta. Right opposite us was a group of ladies tearing the dance floor with DJ Anatta’s music. We were pretty amazed as this group of ladies are umm.. looked like they’re having their time of their life as their husbands are not in town.
We later found out that the group of ladies were actually DJ Anatta’s ex classmates. O_o
Before DJ Anatta’s session ended, we were given free pasta (in a paper box). I was told that this was a practice by 7atenine to clear their leftovers whenever their kitchen closes.

The Ascott KL, 9, Jalan Pinang.
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03.2162 7789
Fax: 03.2163 7789
Business Hours:
Mon-Thurs, 5pm-1am, Fri, 12-3pm, 5pm-2am,
Sat, 5pm-2am.
Closed Sunday
Official Website: http://www.sevenatenine.com/

Today! Earth Hour 2008

On March 31 2007, for one hour, Sydney made a powerful statement about the greatest contributor to global warming – coal-fired electricity – by turning off its lights. Over 2.2 million Sydney residents and over 2,100 businesses switched off, leading to a 10.2% energy reduction across the city. What began as one city taking a stand against global warming caught the attention of the world.
In 2008, 24 global cities will participate in Earth Hour at 8pm on March 29. Earth Hour is the highlight of a major campaign to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to take the simple steps needed to cut their emissions on an ongoing basis. It is about simple changes that will collectively make a difference – from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty, to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby.
Be a part of it.
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Election 2008 – Part III

It was Monday morning and I had my newspaper spread over the table with my daily dose of coffee by my side. I was having breakfast at Kedai Kopi Beng Huat, one of my favourite spots for breakfast.
A lady in her 30s approached me asking whether I could share my table with her. Together with her was another man. Without hesitation, I agreed as there is enough space for them. However, an elderly couple joined them leaving me with no choice but to keep my newspaper. I was surrounded by a group of strangers.
I soon realised that the elderly couple was Japanese tourists. It’s been a while since I conversed in Japanese – its all down the drain now. I kept quiet and ate my food.
Carol Chew Chee Lin, the young 27 years old candidate for the Barisan Nasional and her entourage suddenly entered the coffee shop and started shaking everybody’s hands. I was quite surprised as I didn’t expect any politicians to step into this coffee shop of mine.

After she made her rounds, she dropped by my table and offered to shake the Japanese elderly couple’s hands.
Both of them ignored her.
But when someone explained to her that Carol was actually a politician vying for a spot in the parliament, the elderly couple quickly Carol’s hands.
Incumbent Teresa Kok of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) will be running against new comer and n00b Chew Chee Lin of Barisan Nasional for the Seputeh parliament seat. Teresa Kok is also running for the Kinrara state seat. This has caused uproar with the Barisan Nasional – labelling her as greedy.

Teresa Kok

Transliteration: Kong Tou Chou Mmm Tou, Foh Chin Cheh Tai Pao.
Translation: DAP is all words, no action.
Recently, I noticed that there are numerous billboards depicting a feminine caricature of a rocket. One of the posters impliedly showed that the said rocket was dumping her old flame for a new one. It is understood that the said rocket is no other than Teresa Kok dumping Seputeh for Kinrara.

These billboards were allegedly approved by Carol Chew Chee Lin. Teresa Kok, being the fiery MP, protested and labelled these billboards sexist.
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Above & Beyond in ZOUK, KL

I met these guys when they came over to Kuala Lumpur to spin @ one countdown event in 2005 @ KLCC. This time they are back for another round of wicked dance music.

Acclaimed as one of the finest UK dance outfits of the past few years, Above & Beyond’s meteoric rise to the top of the global dance music scene continues unabated. As artists they’re constantly pushing at the boundaries of uplifting electronic music and reaping the rewards (and awards) in equal measure. They have steadily risen through the ranks of the world’s best DJ’s and now hold a ranking of 6th in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ’s poll.
Cover Charge:
RM45 Ladies / RM50 Men (inc 1 drink)
Door Policy:
Members are not allow to sign-in guest.
Table Reservation:
Please call 03-2171 1997 or email rsvn@zoukclub.com.my

Gin Ger @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

i like this picture!
a friend and i ate at Gin Ger Restaurant which is situated across from Kim Gary Restaurant and Only Mee (the bright orange eatery) in Hartamas Shopping Centre. It is a branched out from the one at Central Market.

“Cuisine: Asian
…. sumptuous array of Asian delights such as Nyonya Kueh Pai-Ti, Seafood Otak-Otak, Melaka Spicy Brinjal and Homemade Bean Curd. Prices reasonable, one decent dish starts at RM8.” [source]

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