Sipahh – pronounced as Sip Ah!
I usually do not write about junk food in my food reviews but this product caught my attention.
This product got me so curious that I bought one pack home to try it. It’s some sort of device that can turn plain milk into all sorts of flavour. The packaging didn’t reveal how the thing would look like. Is it edible or not edible? How does it turn my milk into the flavour that I bought?
So after purchasing a packet and with box of milk, I ripped out the packaging immediately to find a plastic straw with loads of small beads inside. In both ends of the straw, there are two filters that stops the beads from falling out from the straw.

I chucked the straw into my milk and immediately sipped it. Wow! It tasted strawberrish! Not bad!
After finishing my milk, I find that the beads were all gone!
Initially I thought Sipahh is a local product as a local company is named as the manufacturer of the product. However, my research finds that the product was first launched in Australia in October 2005. It is now available in 44 countries across 5 continents. It’s perhaps some sort of device to encourage children to drink milk.
It comes in, among others, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavour. I got mine at Cold Storage!

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