slow tuesday

I got this video from Wei Chen. It’s damn fucking sick. Right click and click on save as..

16 thoughts on “slow tuesday”

  1. woik CL….how to seee arh?the Windows Media Player popped out…but nothing leh….dunno what Buffering 1%HOW TO SEEEEEE!!!!!!I WANT SEEEEEe!!!!!!*lols at gayvin*

  2. ok.. curiousity got the best of me and dl it… Oh My F**king God!! It’s so damn cruel man!! WTF!! Sighz… half way of the video i stop it already. Sighz… Poor rat…

  3. yea man the wei chen’s one sick person alright. hehe dam cruel man.. the poor rat.. i lost a family member to the fish family. KILL THE FISHES! DESTROY THE SEA! MUhahaauAHa!

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