Smokin that stuff will make you hurt yourself, boy!

Harlow everybardy! Being away has been great but hell, I started to miss everybody in Watson 16 the moment I got into the taxi to the train station – and we haven’t even left Sheffield!! But we all had a wickedly good time and errr.. I am swearing off all shrooms – even them button ones now. I SWEAR. And heh.. we didn’t quite make it to the tulips and windmills. Anyway, I will leave Frank to tell you guys about Amsterdam, if he chooses to do so. 😉

The day we came back from Amsterdam, was also the day of our annual Dinner and Dance. I didn’t think any of us would survive the nite, but surprisingly, we all made it and danced all nite too – embarrassingly enough, to songs like the Macarena, Ketchup Song, Cheeky Girls and YMCA among others. Cheesy cheesy cheesy! But all good fun!!! 😀 Beautiful people everywhere, countless camera flashes and the abundance of fake smiles. The pretentiousness of some of these kinda nights sometimes left me going home feeling all empty. Yet, my table had the company that meant the most to me, and that makes it all worth it in the end. Mindy also gave a fabulous performance with the band and her words to the Watson 16 housemates before she started singing really left me, if not all of us, soooOooo touched. aRGhh.. I am getting sentimental about leaving this godforsaken country soon.. 🙁

And ahh yes, among other petty matters – after taking a picture hugging a certain friend at the DnD, apparently his girl has banned him from communicating with me ever again. And she is pretty pissed at me – so pissed that she got her fren to tell my fren to tell me that she was pissed with me. Riiiiigghhhtt. Grow up, girl… what is feeding your insecurities? The fact that you are playing the same goddamn game? Ahhh, I couldn’t give two rats ass anymore.. hope you two have a very nice life together and make many babies. That has to be one dysfunctional relationship if I have ever known of any.

Next time, I will stick to taking hugging pictures with SINGLE guys… no wait, I think I will just stick to hugging girls and see if any of them come back to me saying that their guys refuse to let them talk to me anymore. Yeap. That’s one helluva plan…


5 thoughts on “Smokin that stuff will make you hurt yourself, boy!”

  1. its ‘I couldn’t give two rats ASSES anymore ..’ .. Muahaha… ohyar.. I bought a 6610 in the end… I still think that the 6100 looks a little bit better though… AHhhhhhhhh.. nevermind.. my phone looks manlier!.. yeah.. mucho MACHO!.. I dont want no girly girly 6100.. heheh..englishproffessor.ikari

  2. ooooh.. btw.. maybe it’s just a phenomenon that happens in uk?.. the whole girls getting jelez coz you’re standing too close to their boyfriend’s bits and all….. you should check if this is really a global thing b4 making drastic decisions… so when you get back to m’sia, you should probably hug me whenever there’s a chance… hahaha.. strictly for scientific and educational purposes of course… MuAAHahahah..

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