Wen Kim’s first post all the way from Waikiki, Honolulu!

wahaha..cheng leong made me a guest blogger!..yeyeye…at least I have something to do here.. sigh, life here is quite shitty here..and i can’t wait to stop feeling like this! Anyway, enough of my whining…classes are starting right now..so lemme just talk a lil’ bit about the peOpLe here.. let’s start with:

The girls here are hot…especially the Hawaiian girls! They have a nice tan, long brownish-dark hair and exotic features..though 80% of them are on the plum side. Nevertheless, they’re h.o.t…The other gals (Japanese, Koreans, Americans) are pretty okay too. In other words: all chun! Almost 90% of the girls (including me) wear clothes like we’re going to the beach.. e.g.: flip flops, shorts, Baby T’s, sports bra (they wear it, i don’t!) -and we, girls actually get away with it! It helps that the Lecturers wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts to teach..;D…so it’s pretty relaxed here..

Boys ahhh..errrrrr….honestly speaking..okay okay only lah..not a lot.(not like I was checking them out anyway :)..:D There are loads of surfers in my campus (you won’t miss them cuz they are always carrying a surf board round the campus) and skateboarders too. Most of them are on the big side..and the Hawaiian guys here totally reminds me of The Rock. Hehe.

…but in the end, they are nothing compared to Malaysian guys..;)

12 thoughts on “Wen Kim’s first post all the way from Waikiki, Honolulu!”

  1. Hello Wen Kim, Wen Dee’s sis……. Happy Blogging…….Let’s hope u blog more entertaining stuff then xes’s foxes and neighbours.

  2. Okay…I dont wanna go Melbourne no more. Melbourne sucks la..Hawaii sounds more appealing. I need lecturers wearing sports bra’s so I can pay more attention.

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