So u wanna have a matching bedsheet….

You know? As a perfectionist, i wanna have the right furnitures in my house….or maybe even a girl that matches it as well…

11 thoughts on “So u wanna have a matching bedsheet….”

  1. Do u really want a girl that matches or would you prefer being the ‘painter’?
    **teehehee.. now now, u can be honest!

  2. DieHardX: bro, dun mean to dirty your shirt but i must share the good stuffs with you, right?
    galFeRari: Can i be the bed instead?
    Kervin: The girls and the furnitures are sold seperately. Sorry, mate
    r47z: You know what is so sexy about nurses? Their uniform matches the bedsheet of the bed in the hospital.
    fr0stie: How i wish we can ad like this in Malaysia.
    acid: Hahahaha…good one.

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