Don’t you just hate it when people clear their throats in the pubic? Ops I mean public. 😀 Yesterday while I was driving, this fucker spitted in front of my car. EUW. Then couple of days ago, while having dinner, this old apek (Chinese man) cleared his throat while I was about to eat my food. Man, there goes my appetite.

14 thoughts on “spit”

  1. Eh HALLO…your comic depicts that “YOU” HATE people that spits around so you “FUCK THEM?”. Notice that the person you are “MATING WITH IS A MALE?” oH damn man you exposed yourself this time!!

  2. gayvin, i dont know how u come out with this kind of gay fantasies..please laa..go wash your brain with pesticide la ahahhaman you just exposed to the public that you have gay fantasies!!! hehe

  3. no leong seriously, gayvin is right, when i first saw it i thought u drew a comic of someone being punished for spitting by being fucked in the ass, or more like u fuck guys in the ass for spitting.

  4. leong u know i saw this calendar today with all this stick comics with 365 diff positions for everyday. like got new years got one position etcetc. now when i see your comic i think of that.. x(

  5. hehe.. its not uneven boobies.. its a transvestite bending over with his uneven booty sticking up waiting to be *censored*:p see da cute lil hand xes has placed on the side of the uneven bumbum heeeeheeeeheeeee

  6. honfaai & dimsum: me fucking transvestive? oh no, it’s honfaai thats fucking a transvestite.. ;D sehsehlan: aiyah, cincai draw only 😀

  7. muahaahaha!! Ladies and Gentlemen, the table has turned around. It’s honfaai we’re looking at..*the spotlight moved from focussing on xes to honfaai, the crowd gasped and silence followed. They are waiting for honfaai to admit it “Admit it honfaai!!”=ÞSo honfaai, tell us what happened between u and the transvestite. OR, would anyone like to take a guess??*wink winkhahahaaha…=’D

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