the trio from perth!

Sui Lin and I met up with a group of visitors from Perth couple of days ago. They were friends of Sui Lin?s friend (who she has never met!). The trio, Matin from Bangkok, Thailand, Kenneth, a Malaysia born Australia Chinese and Yumi from Nagoya, Japan!!!

Sui Lin brought them to H4rtmas Square for dinner. They ordered loads of food ranging from glass noodles, clams, stingray, sweet and sour fish and so on!

We then took them to Telawi Street Bistro. It was raining heavily and hence it was cooling. The atmosphere was really great. We had drinks, took photos and we left the place while it was still raining.

I drove Sui Lin’s car to drop the trio back to their hotel. I was complaining that her car accelerates too slow and it was not ‘man’ enough! Sui Lin doesnt seem happy about it ๐Ÿ˜€

7 thoughts on “the trio from perth!”

  1. hahah thats funny..sui is a safe driver ok! hahaah ehhh whats with perth-lings and hartamas square….we’ve set dinner for hartamas square the day i arrive back..emmm. leong coming?

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