Suspicious Malay man..


While I was on my way to meet up with Victor and Irene, who were my former A-Levels classmates, I spotted a Malay walking towards my garden. He was holding two plastics bag filled with small boxes. He had long hair and probably about 20s.

I was in my car staring at him. I think he saw me. He immediately sat down next to the drain, facing my garden. There were no streetlights, it was totally pitch dark.

He was acting very suspiciously. I turned my car around and confronted him.

Me: Awak sedang tunggu orang ke? (you waiting for somebody?)
Him: takde, takde. (no, no)
Me: Then awak buat apa kat situ? (then what are you doing there?)
Him: takde apa-apa (nothing)
He smiled in fear.

Me: ini rumah saya, awak jangan lepak sini tau? (this is my house, don?t hang around here okay?)
He smiled and nodded.

I left the place. However, I was worried. What if?

He is the fucker who has been stealing my clothes all these years?
He will jump into my garden, sneak into my house, rape my cat and murder my entire family?
He is an Al-Qaeda member, waiting for his accomplice?

I turned my car back to my house and called for my dad. So within few seconds, Dad and I and another neighbour of mine confronted the Malay man.

Once again, he gave the same answer, ?takde apa-apa? (nothing). However, he said that he lives down the road. Dad ordered him to leave and he did.

However, he left one of his plastic bags. Dad wasn?t bothered about it. I was dead curious about it. Could it be?

A life time supply of weed?
A decapitated head?

I ignored it though. I continued with my plan to yamcha with my old mates.

I came back 2 hours later. The bag was still there. I told Victor about it. He was equally curious too. Within no time, we got hold of the plastic bag and tried to open it. I ripped the plastic bag and saw couple of boxes. It wasn?t heavy at all and doesn?t smell (thank god, it was not a decapitated head). I then ripped the box open?It was..

left over rice? fucker..throw rubbish at my house..mahai

25 thoughts on “Suspicious Malay man..”

  1. aiyaa…not like I never throw rubbish at your house before. The last time I came to your place I threw some crap from my car around the area outside your gate :p Kidding ahahaha

  2. sehsehlan: kekeke i put adverts when i run out of idea keke eishin: ekekek hmmmm comic ah.. okok will consider kekegavin: maahai u litterbug.. i tell XXXn then u know kekekenogi: huGz~

  3. pity him.. he maybe need a place to have his dinner or supper or whatever is it.. but u scared him away…hahahahaha kidding onli lar..

  4. haha.. it really made me laugh out loud in early morning @ OFFICE when seeing the gm looking at me wondering what i laughing at facing the pc!

  5. ahahhaha… damn bad lar you!!! maybe he brought the rice to feed your CAT man… he was being so nice, but… you… aiiihh…

  6. coconino: Hello coconinonino!!
    cherlyjohn: hehe actually i have loads of stories to tell , but sometimes i find th way i write it wasnt funny enough, hence i didnt bother the post it up haehehae
    fann: aiyoyo try control ur laughter next time ehehh YUMMIE: err..dont think so kekeke
    Sui Lin: book ok..comics? err.. stickman meh.. memalukan artist only hehehe
    ivn: maybe tomolo or some other day keke
    wolfx: soon sOonn and go update ur blog pls keke kev: stfu u emo fucker hehe
    iris: taman desa got one, got robbers running everywhere one terjin: yeah la mahai.. otherwise i can get stone for free every night
    miemie: dinner next to my house and by the drain ah?? somemore pitch dark and loads of mosquitoes.. he’s either stupid or crazy le keke

  7. LOL damn 7 funny man….nabey…. luff non stop…like one of those thrillers….submit to Academy awards for Short Film Thriller sure win one…ahahaha

  8. hazel: kekekee i have no idea why he left with another bag..thats probably a bag of lifetime supply of weekkarcheng: mmm..maybee… ehhe

  9. since pictures and blogs are so essential these days (as if!), why not take his pic the next time u see him wandering ard ur house yard… post it up post it up… :-X

  10. iris: can one, twist the story abit, then can be funny hehe cherly: sure..if i dont mind him hunting me down for taking a picture of him..hehe

  11. I’m a proud Canadian. I live in a county with people of many ethnicities, practicing many different religions. Our rights are protected here. I have stayed in your country for a few months.It’s a pity that your country is so very beautiful on the surface, but so ugly with racial discrimination of it’s minorities.
    I’m discusted by the above story…though perhaps meant to be entertaining, you’ve managed to show the typical stereotype Malays have to endure.
    I thought publishing such material in Singapore was not allowed 🙁

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