Assam Laksa @ Fruit n Spice @ Balik Pulau, Penang

There is something about this place. Although tucked in the middle of no where in Balik Pulau, this place somehow managed to attract my attention. My wife and I were driving around the trunk roads of Balik Pulau when we saw a bungalow with a sign “Home Cooked Assam Laksa”.

Without hesitation, we turned into the bungalow and found that the owner had turned his home into an open-air restaurant.

Some parts of the house reminds me so much about my childhood in the Chinese village at Balakong and also Tanah Merah.

Tables were placed on his porch and one can even choose to sit in his garden – with his dog too!

Assam laksa was okay. My wife thinks it’s not hot enough for her but it was just nice for me. It’s also not very sour. But for the ambiance, I don’t mind coming back here just to enjoy the view and atmosphere.

I managed to speak to the owner of the place, Eric Kee. He is also an avid antique collector like me. During our conversation, he told me of a series of antique Chinese classics translated into Malay. Classic Chinese novels such Romance of Three Kingdoms and Water Margin were translated by one Chan Kim Boon, a Baba, in the 1890s. I was told that his books were popular back then that it was impossible to collect a whole series (each series have numerous volumes). Back then, it was popular with children and children used to exchange volumes with one another because it was expensive to own a whole series. Eric told me that some antique collector found a mint series and was selling it for a high price. Interesting..

Anyway, back to Fruit N Spice. You can read more of Fruit N Spice below:-

Jen ❤ Jen 意 • Blog – Fruit n Spice 传统式叻沙 @ Balik Pulau
All about Penang food – Fruit n Spice

202B, Jalan Sungai Pinang,
11010 Balik Pulau, Penang
Tel: 04- 866 1807 /
Eric Kee 012-401 0101

Business Hours: Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
From 10.00 am

Restoran O & S @ Taman Paramount

Restaurant O & S is another treasure trove of yummy hawker food.

The place is located in a corner shop next to Caltex petrol station in Taman Paramount.

On Hari Raya break, the makan team made a trip to the place for lunch. It was packed with people. It was so packed until we had to wait for an empty table.

Check out their dish washing system. Communal dish washing area 😀

When this place was suggested to me, I immediately did a google search to see the recommended food.

My first hit was a blog post recommending its Penang prawn noodles. It was dubbed as the best prawn noodles in town.

However, it was just so-so. The one behind Restaurant Yut Kee is so much better. It is served with pieces of mutton in it. However, I think Timothy Tiah didn’t like it as he found a bug in his bowl. Nevertheless, NO BUGS CAN STOP ME FROM MY MEAL!!

Anyway, O&S’s Assam Laksa is commendable. The soup is sweet and not spicy. Good for people like me who can’t take spicy stuff a lot.

The best meals which tasted best so far are chee cheung fun and pork noodles.

Their chee cheung fun is served with prawn paste! Other than prawn paste, you can try chicken curry.

Pork noodles is served with generous servings of minced pork.