Election 2008 – Part III

It was Monday morning and I had my newspaper spread over the table with my daily dose of coffee by my side. I was having breakfast at Kedai Kopi Beng Huat, one of my favourite spots for breakfast.
A lady in her 30s approached me asking whether I could share my table with her. Together with her was another man. Without hesitation, I agreed as there is enough space for them. However, an elderly couple joined them leaving me with no choice but to keep my newspaper. I was surrounded by a group of strangers.
I soon realised that the elderly couple was Japanese tourists. It’s been a while since I conversed in Japanese – its all down the drain now. I kept quiet and ate my food.
Carol Chew Chee Lin, the young 27 years old candidate for the Barisan Nasional and her entourage suddenly entered the coffee shop and started shaking everybody’s hands. I was quite surprised as I didn’t expect any politicians to step into this coffee shop of mine.

After she made her rounds, she dropped by my table and offered to shake the Japanese elderly couple’s hands.
Both of them ignored her.
But when someone explained to her that Carol was actually a politician vying for a spot in the parliament, the elderly couple quickly Carol’s hands.
Incumbent Teresa Kok of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) will be running against new comer and n00b Chew Chee Lin of Barisan Nasional for the Seputeh parliament seat. Teresa Kok is also running for the Kinrara state seat. This has caused uproar with the Barisan Nasional – labelling her as greedy.

Teresa Kok

Transliteration: Kong Tou Chou Mmm Tou, Foh Chin Cheh Tai Pao.
Translation: DAP is all words, no action.
Recently, I noticed that there are numerous billboards depicting a feminine caricature of a rocket. One of the posters impliedly showed that the said rocket was dumping her old flame for a new one. It is understood that the said rocket is no other than Teresa Kok dumping Seputeh for Kinrara.

These billboards were allegedly approved by Carol Chew Chee Lin. Teresa Kok, being the fiery MP, protested and labelled these billboards sexist.
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