Siow Tiow Restaurant @ Klang

My friend Adrian brought us to one restaurant in Klang. The restaurant, Siow Tiow Restaurant, is well known for its shark fins soup and oh chien (oyster omelette).

Klang is also well known for its underworld activities. When we arrived at the restaurant, couple of prostitutes were hanging outside the restaurant.

No pictures of prostitutes here la.

The restaurant itself looks quite dodgy. The facade was brown and old. It was like an old restaurant from Hong Kong movies – gangsters may pop in any minute to chop up some people for Bah Kut Teh.

The range of food is quite limited but Adrian being a regular there, knows what is good. He ordered, amongst others, the famous shark fin soup, prawns and oh chien (oyster omelette).


wooweeee nomnomnom sharkfinnn

Surprisingly, the shark fin soup came in a big claypot bowl. It was thick and had loads of substances in it. Extremely yummy.

Apparently the oh chien is highly recommended by many. It tasted OK to me. Prawns are so-so too.

The price is reasonable but I read some reviews saying that it’s too expensive. Nevertheless, our shark fin soup, prawns, oh chien and 2 big plates of fried noodles costs around RM200 (for 6 of us).

Address: 58, Lorong Gopeng, Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03 3342 2462
Business hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm
Open every day

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Kota Kinabalu: Salut Seafood Restaurant @ Salut

Despite having a bad experience at Port View Seafood Village, we decided to give seafood another try. This time round, we had lunch at Salut Seafood Restaurant @ Salut – a place 18km away from Kota Kinabalu City. The drive to Salut is pretty scenic – one can see the kampong houses and squatters by the side of the road.

We were greeted with a narrow untarred road with ponds on each side. Each lane could probably fit 1 car. I was told that the ponds were used to rear prawns.

I think if a drunken fellow drives through the road in the middle of the night, he’ll probably end up in the pond and gets eaten by prawns. pw4an!!

Salut Seafood Restaurant faces Salut Bay and the surroundings are almost untouched.

The restaurant is actually a ‘floating’ restaurant – one can see the sea if one peeks through the holes on the floor. There are couple of huge shells placed on the front entrance. I wonder if they are real.

To choose our meals, we had to choose our victims from the aquarium.

Choose from here.. seafoood…


Ewwww Eel…

No…not edible.

We ordered prawns, clams, crabs and vegetable.

The seats

Our first dish was the prawns – cooked plainly. I’ve never liked cooked seafood fresh from the aquarium. The minute I tore off the prawn’s head, blood started oozing out. I euwed in silence..

But after taking the first bite, I went…wooww.. it tasted sweeet!! And soon, one lead to another.

The clams, buttered crab and Sabah vegetable followed. The buttered crab was extremely delicious. The shell was soft and easily removed.
After chomping down the prawns, crabs, clams and vegetables, I felt so full until my stomach felt like exploding.

We were provided with lime to wash our hands. There are some used limes on the sink as well. Euw.

And the total damage is….RM150!! Prawns, crabs, clams and vegetables for 4 persons! Value like hai!! In Port View Seafood Village, it was RM70 for fish and vegetable only!!

We left the place with a satisfied tummy!

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